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The sun transits into ultra-romantic Pisces on February 18, 2009, which heightens both idealism and fantasy in relationships. It’s all about finding someone who shares a spiritual and emotional link with you. For those of you already paired up, it’s time to focus on healing and forgiveness so you can enjoy increased intimacy.

Pisces, after all, rules compassion. Tuning into the spiritual and intuitive connection within your relationship will also deepen your bond. And don’t forget your own personal connection to the Universe, which can deepen through meditation, spiritual endeavors and lending a helping hand to someone in need.

As for fun, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. This can make for some imaginative romps in the bedroom. Role-playing and quirky costumes can heighten the passion between you. Watery delights such as a splash in the hot tub or a stroll by the sea can also rev up romance. Foot rubs (ahhh!) are favored, too, because Pisces rules the feet.

As for the pitfalls of Pisces, beware of the Fish’s penchant for denial, like ignoring your intuition (or the facts) when it tells you something’s amiss. In other words, seek clarity, be honest and keep your eyes open in whatever you’re doing.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into watery depths of Pisces.

Pisces psyche
Pisces is the unsung hero of the zodiac. They are usually humble and content to work behind the scenes. Their brilliance, however, can propel them into the limelight, but they’ll need plenty of time alone to recharge. That’s because Pisces is a psychic sponge that absorbs the energy of others, which can deplete their emotional and physical strength.

Often shy, Pisces hesitates to speak out – unless their spiritual values have been tread upon. Then they are the most determined of fighters. They’ll also fight for the underdog because compassion is their guiding principle and the root of their power.

Being a Mutable Water sign, Pisces is unusually attuned to spiritual guidance that comes from within. They don’t need a religious mediator to tell them about God, or Allah, or Spirit, or whatever they believe in. They just feel the presence of the divine.

Imagination is one of Pisces’s greatest gifts. They can be talented artists, actors, writers and musicians (think Frédéric Chopin) who seem to draw on divine inspiration. They can also be gifted scientists, like Albert Einstein, who channel ideas from the spiritual realm and manifest them here on Earth.

The greatest challenge of Pisces is balancing their idealistic nature with practical matters. Being grounded is difficult. They’re the dreamers of the zodiac, after all. When adversity hits them hard, they’re tempted to deaden the pain through drugs, alcohol or simple denial. Facing reality head-on, with clarity and courage, will help Pisces stay strong.

Pisces in love
If you’re in love with a Pisces, you’re in for a romantic ride. Love is an all-encompassing state of bliss (or despair) for this devoted sign. When in love, Pisces gives over body, mind, heart and soul to their beloved. Their keen sensitivity allows them to merge with their partner at a profound level. That’s because their ethereal Neptune ruler is the great boundary dissolver. Which can lead to one of Pisces’s biggest challenges: lack of healthy boundaries can make them a doormat, unable to say no. They can also be enablers who inadvertently support their partner’s bad habits for fear of confrontation or by denying that problems exist. Confrontation is hard for Pisces and they will go out of their way to avoid it by emotionally retreating or abusing drugs or alcohol. They can be extremely illusive if they feel threatened in any way (or if they have a manipulative streak). At their worst, Pisces can be deceivers and con artists. At their best, they can rise to the highest form of selfless love.

Pisces at work
Not surprising, with their powerful creativity, Pisces often embraces the arts. Also, their empathy and insightfulness make them exceptional therapists, teachers and spiritual leaders. With a strong Air element (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) in their chart, Pisces can be inspired scientists and technological innovators (think Steve Jobs of Apple). A strong predominance of Earth can give them a talent for business. Whatever they choose to do, Pisces needs to stick to a schedule or they’ll get lost in their own dreams. Too much regimentation, however, will crush their creativity.

As the most unworldly of the signs, Pisces inspires us to make the world a better place through compassion, artistry and our connection to the divine.

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