Your LOVECAST™: Confusing or Depressing

The week begins on a friendly vibe that favors group gatherings. Feelings can be confusing or depressing mid-week, so seek clarity. Then passion sets love aflame during the weekend – if you can avoid willfulness, that is.

Week of January 26 – February 1, 2009

Aquarius: You’re a magnet for admirers at the start of the week, when your mystique intrigues others. A little imagination can create an enticing boudoir scenario on Tuesday, so use your creativity! Be clear about money matters mid-week. Impulsive words can get you into hot water on Friday or Saturday. Your naughty side emerges on Sunday.

Pisces: Pay attention to your dreams, which can be prophetic at the start of the week. Your artistry brings you recognition on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your confidence may be low on Thursday. Envisioning success will help dispel the blues. A friend may need your help on Friday or Saturday. Heartfelt flirting makes love bloom on Sunday!

Aries: Friends bring joy and insights at the beginning of the week. Group projects at work should benefit, too, but you’ll need to communicate clearly. A relationship from the past may be on your mind mid-week. Try to avoid useless self-criticism. Jealousy can derail love on Friday. You’re brazen on Saturday! Love is sweet on Sunday.

Taurus: Interactions with colleagues can bring opportunities (and fun as well) at the start of the week. Just be clear about what you want. Socializing escalates on Wednesday, but negative people can bring you down on Thursday. Hidden feelings may unhinge you on Friday or Saturday. Your sensuality makes you irresistible on Sunday!

Gemini: Meditating on your future can bring some surprising intuitive insights at the start of the week. Taking a class can bring a romantic prospect then, too. Your creativity brings kudos at work on Wednesday, but your boss or colleague may be a pain on Thursday. Socializing is chaotic on Saturday. Love blooms in a natural environment on Sunday!

Cancer: A heated discussion with your sweetie can clear the air at the beginning of the week. Fantasy rules in the boudoir on Tuesday! Romance from afar beckons mid-week, but an issue over distance (or something else) may upset love. Socializing is abrasive (someone pushing you?) on Friday or Saturday. Sunday night is a good time for a sexy rendezvous.

Leo: A twosome encounter can bring delight at the start of the week – if you’re realistic about your connection. Use some sexy creativity to fire up passion on Wednesday. Feelings are illusive and hard to express on Thursday. Your domineering side can upset love on Friday. A miscommunication arises on Saturday. Love is slow and sensual on Sunday!

Virgo: Share your brainpower at work to draw admirers (and some recognition) at the start of the week. You may need to wade through some undercurrents, though. A rendezvous deepens love on Wednesday, but doubts or time issues may upset love on Thursday. Desire collides with common sense on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is steamy!

Libra: Love is divine at the start of the week, although a family member may upset your equilibrium temporarily. Access your intuition to guide you in love mid-week. A coworker may be problematic on Thursday. Control issues arise with your partner on Friday. Avoid rash talk on Saturday. Your artistry makes love bloom on Sunday!

Scorpio: Creating an enticing ambiance at home can inspire a sexy tryst at the start of the week. Romance soars on Wednesday, when your sensitivity makes love bloom. Feelings are heavy or restrictive on Thursday. Secretiveness or subterfuge can upset love on Friday. A clash of wills arises on Saturday. A cozy union makes passion sizzle on Sunday!

Sagittarius: Your playfulness makes flirting fun at the start of the week. Be witty but keep it real. You may feel dreamy about love on Wednesday but pessimistic on Thursday. Seek clarity. Pushiness can derail romance on Friday, while a misunderstanding can upset romance on Saturday. A leisurely pace sets love aflame on Sunday!

Capricorn: Promoting your ideas is favored at the beginning of the week, if you choose your words carefully. You’re especially psychic then, too, so heed your hunches. Flirting can rev up romance on Wednesday, but talk is serious on Thursday. Friday is abrasive. Rashness upsets love on Saturday, but passion heats up on Sunday!

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