Job Interview Intuition

Like many, many of us out there, you may be headlong into a job search right now. The mixed feelings that we experience on the hunt can take us from elation to devastation in just a few clicks of the mouse. You see the job you love, it pays nothing. You see a job that pays great, you don’t have the experience.

Then, suddenly, there it is. The field, the position, the pay! It’s making you giddy. You send your resume, the cover letter and boom – you get a call. Well, just like dating online, nothing means anything until you meet face to face. Chemistry can be a make it or break it deal and you have to know the dance to create some sparks on your interview day. So if you’ve been on a few dud interviews lately, try these tips to feel your way into that groovy job.

Good vibrations
Getting the right job for you is all about using your intuition and letting your inner guide get you the paycheck you deserve. So observe what you’re attracting. What are the images you see for yourself five years from now? What kind of position is in the direction of your vision? What is the vision salary for you and your family? Have you taken the time to feel your future?

Energy match
Ultimately, you are looking for a place of employment that matches your frequency. Your skills, training and education are all important, but day to day, do you thrive in a fast-paced, team oriented environment or are you best when left to complete long-term projects to a pre-determined calendar? If you know yourself, it comes across when you interview. You know who you are and what you want – and the person interviewing you can sense it.

People who are in touch with themselves find just the right job because they aren’t trying to change themselves in front of the big guns they interview with. They are confident in themselves and easily get picked for the position that is right for them. So know thyself and to thyne own self be true! The reverse is true as well. Ever taken a terrible job when you were at a low point in your life? Your inner world attracts the outside world. So if you’re feeling low – your paycheck will reflect it!

Be yourself
You are coming in with your energy and vision and they are sitting down across from you wondering – would we want to see this person for 40 hours a week in our office? Would we like to have them in a meeting? Would we want them out in the field greeting customers? The fact of the matter is, there is going to be more than one person who has the exact training, education and experience that you do. But the person who is going to get picked is the person that they want to actually work with on a day-to-day basis. So as you answer the questions, get comfortable in your skin. Open your chest and take a deep breath. How does it feel to let your guard down a little? Let them feel you. How can you feel their energy if you won’t let yours out? Their questions are a framework to observe you.

Act as if…
If you can’t imagine letting your guard down, ask yourself, how would I sit and talk if I knew I already had this job? What if you were the only candidate and it was a foregone conclusion that you were going to be offered the position? Well, you would probably be pretty relaxed and happy. You would take your time when you answered questions. You would smile often and make eye contact with the interviewer. The HR person wants to know just as much as you do about who is going to get this job. By being confident and relaxed you help the other person relax. And who doesn’t want to have someone around who makes them feel relaxed?

Desperation is the very last thing you want to bring with you to an interview. The problem is, it’s the easiest thing to slip into on your way in from the parking lot. This is exactly where you are going to have to practice some strong vibrational discipline. On your way to the front door, fill your mind with images of your dream office and co-workers. See your business cards and your desk. Act as if you are just coming from a morning at your fantastic job and you are taking a meeting for another awesome job. You have to put yourself into abundance and then see if this job matches you.

Does the person interviewing you seem happy to work there or guilty that they are going to goad someone else into joining them? If your position has burned through five people in the last year, take it as a warning sign. Yes, you want a job. But taking one in a toxic environment doesn’t do anyone any good. Let someone else take the underpaying job where everyone looks tired and bitter. Take your frequency to a place where it is going to come back to you as manifestation of your vision.

Finally, the big word when looking for a job is trust. You must trust the process that you are participating in. Yes, it’s true that no resume or cover letter can completely portray you as a person and all that you could bring to the table. That’s why the universe shuffles us around from interview to interview. It gives us a chance to feel our spirits in different environments. Looking for a new job is a leap of faith. The bigger your faith, the farther you can leap into your dreams!

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