Your LOVECAST™: A Serene Tryst for Two

Neptune casts an aura of fantasy over New Year’s Eve – so who knows what will manifest! Parties are fun, but a serene tryst for two can be heavenly as well. Then whimsy gives way to fire this weekend so enjoy the heat!


Week of December 29, 2008 – January 4, 2009

Capricorn: An unconventional stance makes others take notice of you at the start of the week. Access your whimsical side to heighten the fun on New Year’s Eve. Words from the heart can accelerate romance – or attract someone new and fabulous! A rousing (uncontrollable?) party, possibly at your home, energizes you this weekend.


Aquarius: Your braininess and charm draw others to you at the beginning of the week, when self-promotion can launch your project. However, it’s your heart that brings people together for an unforgettable time on New Year’s Eve. You’re intimacy-challenged on Friday. Spontaneous (rash?) words can heighten or derail romance this weekend.


Pisces: A quiet rendezvous in an exotic ambiance can accelerate romance at the start of the week. Romance is especially soulful on Wednesday afternoon, but keep it real. Your imaginative side makes you a magnet for admirers on New Year’s Eve! Your self-confidence may be low on Friday. Access your inner fire to heat up romance this weekend.

Aries: The week begins on a friendly note as social gatherings are energized. Your sensitive side emerges on New Year’s Eve, so more intimate gatherings – or just celebrating with your sweetie – may be the best choice for ringing in the New Year. You’re hot this weekend, when both passion and irritations fire you up!


Taurus: Networking for career opportunities at the beginning of the week can open professional doors and bring in new friends as well. You’re the social butterfly on New Year’s Eve, when celebrating with good friends energizes you. You’ll likely want to take some quiet time on Friday to recharge. Then your daring side comes out to play this weekend!


Gemini: Friends from far away places and the urge to explore new territories energize you at the start of the week. You may feel unusually sentimental on New Year’s Eve, so why not call some old friends you haven’t spoken to in ages and reconnect with them? Feelings are stilted on Friday, but socializing skyrockets on Saturday and Sunday!


Cancer: Your wacky wit makes you the center of attention at the beginning of the week. Both lust and love are energized on New Year’s Eve, when your magnetism makes you irresistible! Your intuition is especially active on Wednesday and Thursday and offers some insights about your future path. Argumentativeness can turn into passion this weekend.


Leo: A passionate or friendly rendezvous can energize you up at the beginning of the week. Your creativity shines on New Year’s Eve and makes you the center of attention, but you may feel more inclined to enjoy an intimate tryst at the end of the evening. An exotic locale or foreign cuisine fulfills your quest for adventure this weekend!


Virgo: Thinking outside the box can bring you kudos and admirers at the start of the week. Your partnership sector is illuminated on New Year’s Eve, so a date or good friend will fulfill your need to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Criticism can dampen desire Friday, but passion roars back to life over the weekend!


Libra: Your charisma is on fire at the start of the week, so plan something romantic with your sweetie, or keep your eyes open for an intriguing prospect. Sharing what’s in your heart to those you care for will make this New Year’s Eve especially memorable. This weekend is all about asserting your needs in the romance arena.


Scorpio: Your rebellious side makes you hard to get (and intriguing to others!) at the beginning of the week. Entertaining friends at your abode can bring delight, too. A romantic interlude or affection from a close friend brings out your deepest feelings on New Year’s Eve. Romance may feel blocked on Friday, but the weekend awakens your wild side.


Sagittarius: You’re the center of social gatherings at the beginning of the week, when networking can bring opportunities. You may feel unusually homey on New Year’s Eve, so a gathering of friends at your abode can fulfill your need to connect with those you love. Friday is emotionally challenging. Romance can get out of control this weekend!


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