Your LOVECAST™: Earthy, Lazy and Sensual

Romance is earthy, lazy and sensual early in the week. Irritations can accelerate or derail passion as Friday’s first-quarter Moon approaches – it depends on what sign you are. By the weekend, your daring side will awaken.

Sagittarius: Get earthy and sensual to accelerate romance on Monday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity, too. Share your sense of humor to inspire romance on Tuesday. Be aware of sending or receiving mixed messages on Wednesday. Family may be problematic on Thursday. Chaos surrounds socializing on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the best day for an intimate moment.

Capricorn: You’ll attract and inspire love on Monday if you know what you want and share what’s in your heart. An unconventional activity (in the boudoir?) can rev up romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Impulsive talk can derail your plans on Thursday or Friday. Control or jealousy may unhinge romance on Saturday night. A party for two turns lusty on Sunday!

Aquarius: A tryst for two in a peaceful, natural environment inspires love on Monday. You’re a magnet for romance on Tuesday. Your mystique and artistry attract admirers on Wednesday. Rebelliousness overtakes you and may shock others on Thursday or Friday. Rash words unhinge love on Saturday night, but flirting accelerates passion on Sunday.

Pisces: A friend, group or community activity can provide a romantic interlude on Monday, so get out there and socialize! Your genius for fantasy can make passion sizzle on Tuesday or Wednesday. Others are combative on Thursday. You’re feeling edgy and uncooperative on Friday and Saturday. Get active (skiing? hiking?) to heighten passion on Sunday.

Aries: Networking with colleagues can open career doors on Monday. Romance and other opportunities can be found through activities with friends and groups on Tuesday or Wednesday. An insight about the past takes you by surprise on Thursday. Undercurrents can unbalance you on Friday. You’re feeling unusually willful on Saturday night. Passion sets you ablaze on Sunday!

Taurus: Your sensuality is hard to resist on Monday, so plan a sexy night with your sweetie. Career projects are the focus on Tuesday. A misunderstanding at work may arise on Wednesday. Group activities are abrasive on Thursday. A friend may be troublesome on Friday. Hidden feelings bug you on Saturday. Naughtiness heightens passion on Sunday!

Gemini: A leisurely bedroom romp revs up romance on Monday. An exotic restaurant or club accelerates passion on Tuesday or Wednesday. Rash words can derail both romance and work projects on Thursday. An overreaction is likely on Friday, so stay centered. Friends bring out your adventurous (reckless?) side over the weekend!

Cancer: A sexy encounter (or time spent with friends) brings delight on Monday. Feelings need objectivity and analysis on Tuesday. Fantasy heightens passion on Wednesday, so use your imagination in the boudoir! Love feels unstable and unpredictable on Thursday and Friday. Romance blooms on Saturday afternoon, but Saturday evening through Sunday is contentious.

Leo: A sensual massage or outdoor activity gets you in the mood for love on Monday. Access your deeper instincts to accelerate passion. Your partner may surprise you (in a good way) on Tuesday or Wednesday. You may feel vulnerable and defensive on Thursday and Friday. Talk is stilted on Saturday, but passion roars back to life on Sunday!

Virgo: Your romantic side takes over on Monday, when both passion and love can deepen. If you’re solo, socializing can bring a romantic interest. Revealing your brainpower and vision will get you recognized on Tuesday or Wednesday. You’re easily irritated on Thursday and Friday. Intimacy feels blocked on Saturday night. You’re courageous in love on Sunday!

Libra: Creating a beautiful ambiance at your abode can inspire romance on Monday. Use your wit and eloquence to make love bloom on Tuesday and Wednesday. A trip can inspire and attract romance, too. Tension abounds at work on Thursday and Friday. An argument with your sweetie may arise on Saturday, but directness revs up passion on Sunday.

Scorpio: Words from the heart inspire love on Monday. Also, promoting your ideas can bring a career opportunity. You’re craving something (someone?) out of the ordinary on Tuesday. An artistic ambiance at home inspires love on Wednesday. Romance is chaotic on Thursday. A clash of wills arises on Saturday, but assertiveness makes passion sizzle on Sunday!

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