Your LOVECAST™: Accelerate or Irritate

The intense Quarter Moon on Tuesday can accelerate or irritate your relationship. Over the weekend, the Moon in Pisces imbues romance with a dose of dreaminess. Hence, engage your imagination!

Week of October 6 – 12, 2008

Libra: Logic vies with feelings at the beginning of the week. Bringing your head and heart together will put you on the track toward success. Your powers of attraction skyrocket mid-week, when trying something different can rev up romance. Be creative! Love may seem illusive over the weekend. However, lending a helping hand will inspire romance.

Scorpio: Your powers of intuition can guide you in saying just the right thing – in the boardroom and boudoir – at the beginning of the week. So heed your inner voice. Love is complicated mid-week, but some spontaneity (and a little ingenuity) will fire up passion. Create a bedroom oasis to deepen romance over the weekend!

Sagittarius: Look for a moneymaking opportunity at the start of the week, but keep money and friendship separate. Socializing with friends, however, brings delight. Your words (flirting, wisdom, expertise) draw admirers mid-week. Also, a trip may turn into a romantic interlude. Sensitivity and insightfulness make love bloom over the weekend.

Capricorn: Your ambition is energized at the start of the week. Romance is heightened as well – as long as you don’t succumb to an overreaction (about something not worth fighting about). Your moneymaking expertise brings an opportunity mid-week. Also, romance may come through a friend or group activity. Heartfelt words make romance percolate over the weekend.

Aquarius: Unconscious desires come out to play at the start of the week. Also, learning something new together can deepen your romantic bond. You’re both passionate and prickly on Wednesday! A love-at-first-sight meeting is possible on Thursday. Love is sweet but somewhat confusing over the weekend. So seek to clarify mixed messages.

Pisces: A friendship may turn sexual at the start of the week. On the other hand, being a best friend to your lover will deepen your connection. A passionate show of feelings by a secret admirer may take you by surprise mid-week! Your mystique makes you a magnet for romance over the weekend, but are others seeing the real you?

Aries: The week may begin clashing with your significant other, perhaps over your career, which can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s needs. Friends and group activities bring fun and opportunities mid-week. A quiet tryst for two over the weekend can heighten the emotional and spiritual bond with your partner. Seek a deeper connection.

Taurus: Aligning your spiritual ideals with your work goals at the beginning of the week will help set you on your true path. Mid-week, romance can be found with a colleague or through an unusual work project. Your mystique draws admirers over the weekend, but you’ll need to take off the rose-colored glasses when meeting a romantic prospect.

Gemini: At the start of the week, you may find yourself torn between some light-hearted, lusty fun and delving the depths of intimacy. How deep do you want to go? Witty talk and a trip for two can heat up passion mid-week! Also, sharing what you know draws admirers. Quiet your brain and open your heart to rev up romance during the weekend.

Cancer: The beginning of the week may find you seeking a resolution with your partner over choices involving your home life. Cooperation and compromise are difficult but attainable. Let out your quirky, humorous side to energize a sexy rendezvous mid-week. Love blooms in an exotic or foreign ambiance over the weekend, so be adventurous!

Leo: Be careful of flirting at work at the start of the week, when naughtiness can prompt a thunder storm. More grounded communications at work, however, can heighten your reputation for excellence. Twosome trysts bring delight mid-week, so plan something fun with your sweetie! Love blooms in its own time over the weekend, so go with the flow.

Virgo: Romance accelerates at the start of the week, but you may need to find a compromise over money or priorities. Your ingenuity at work shows off your brainpower mid-week. Also, flirting at the gym or charity event may bring a romantic interlude. Shut off your analytical side and reveal your soul to heighten romance during the weekend!

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