Your LOVECAST™: An Abrasive Vibe

The week begins with an abrasive vibe. Then the Full Moon eclipse on Saturday electrifies (and rattles!) romance. Friends and group activities are emphasized, too. So never a dull moment…

Week of August 11 – 17, 2008

Leo: Feelings are chaotic on Monday, so stay centered. A leisurely bedroom romp can bring delight on Tuesday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Wednesday. Romance escalates on Thursday night through Friday. An enticing tryst with your sweetie (or a fabulous new prospect) is indicated during the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius this weekend!

Virgo: A clash of wills, perhaps with your boss, is likely on Monday. Your powers of attraction soar on Tuesday. Commitment may be in the stars starting on Wednesday or Thursday. Show off your expertise on Friday. You’re a magnet for romance during Saturday’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius! Feelings turn serious on Sunday.

Libra: Socializing can turn weird on Monday. Entertaining at home shows off your creativity on Tuesday. Love needs patience on Wednesday. A little fantasy can heighten lust on Thursday or Friday, so use your imagination! Your style and wit attract romance (possibly from afar) during the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius this weekend.

Scorpio: Romance is unpredictable on Monday. A trip or an activity with a friend can bring a romantic interlude on Tuesday. Socializing can bring a career opportunity on Wednesday. Sexy talk heightens lust on Thursday! Mixed messages can derail romance on Friday. Love needs objectivity during Saturday’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius. Commitment is the focus on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Willfulness or lack of cooperation can derail plans on Monday. Promote our ideas at work on Tuesday. Love needs consistency on Wednesday. Your wit brings admirers on Thursday night. Your whimsical side heightens romance on Friday, so be creative! Flirting accelerates (perhaps while traveling) during this weekend’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius.

Capricorn: You’re antsy to make a change on Monday. Love may come from afar or during a class on Tuesday. Discuss your long-term relationship aspirations on Wednesday. Your magnetism soars on Thursday. Friday is about being with friends. Spontaneity revs up romance during Saturday’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius! A spiritual event can bring romance on Sunday.

Aquarius: Your unconventional ideas or actions may shock others on Monday. Intimacy needs a slow and sensual approach on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’re the center of attention on Thursday night. A romantic gesture heightens passion on Friday. Your charisma is on fire during this weekend’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius, when both romance and friends bring delight!

Pisces: Other people’s reactions cause stress on Monday. Your words can deepen love on Tuesday and Wednesday, so reveal your feelings. A mutual massage or other sensual activity revs up lust Thursday. Your allure draws admirers on Friday! The Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius on Saturday brings a startling insight about romance. Love deepens on Sunday.

Aries: Although a coworker may irritate you on Monday, career opportunities abound from Tuesday through Thursday, so promote your ideas. Love takes on a rosy glow but may be illusive on Friday. The Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius over the weekend revs up group activities, which may bring a romantic encounter.

Taurus: Romance and communications are rocky on Monday. Travel and spiritual activities can bring a passionate rendezvous on Tuesday. Love is serious on Wednesday and flowing on Thursday. Your intentions may be misinterpreted on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius inspires some home entertaining and possibly a sexy tryst for two!

Gemini: Your partner may go off the deep end (temporarily) on Monday. Romance is earthy and sensual on Tuesday. A decision about your home may be needed by mid week. Thursday night is hot! Your creativity heightens passion on Friday. The Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius this weekend revs up romance, but you’ll be irritated easily.

Cancer: Hasty words can cause upsets on Monday. Romance soars on Tuesday, so plan a sexy rendezvous. A deep discussion can bring love to the next level on Wednesday or Thursday. Flirting gets results on Friday. Analyzing love is emphasized during this weekend’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius, which brings some friendly encounters, too!

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