Your LOVECAST™: Power Struggles

Power struggles launch the beginning of the week. Then love begins to bloom by Wednesday. Use your imagination to rev up romance – and don’t shy away from some bold (naughty?) moves in the bedroom.

Week of August 4 – 10, 2008

Leo: Passion escalates on Monday but just be careful of financial decisions. Your way with words, along with a trip for two, can heat up passion on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’re fired up and ready for action on Thursday and Friday! Your lusty side takes over on this weekend, when a show of imagination in the boudoir can accelerate passion.

Virgo: You may feel pushed by someone close to you on Monday, when you’ll need to assert yourself. Showing your appreciation (with flair!) can rev up romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Your sensuality draws admirers on Thursday and Friday. Let your audacious side come out to play and heighten passion this weekend. Be bold.

Libra: Socializing brings delight on Monday, but a past emotional issue may come back to haunt you. Your mystique attracts plenty of attention on Tuesday and Wednesday. Your naughty-but-nice attitude makes you the center of attention on Thursday and Friday! A trip for two or a courageous love letter heightens romance this weekend.

Scorpio: Your powers of attraction soar on Monday, but try to avoid a power struggle. A serene, beautiful ambiance heightens passion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Your allure makes you irresistible on Thursday, but love is complicated (yet intriguing!) on Friday. Humor and naughtiness heighten passion over the weekend, so lighten up.

Sagittarius: A power-play at work can derail your plans, but romance is sweet at home on Monday. Romance can be found through a friend or during a group activity on Tuesday and Wednesday. Intimacy needs a slow and thorough exploration on Thursday and Friday. You’re on fire this weekend, when passion can get out of control (in a good way!).

Capricorn: Intimacy heats up on Monday, but a snafu may occur if you’re traveling. Think “artsy” when planning a rendezvous on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your sexy beast comes out to play on Thursday and Friday. The weekend brings the urge to cut loose and have some fun, so cast off your work-mode and play!

Aquarius: A twosome tryst turns passionate on Monday! A friend may need your help, too. Love can be found through an exotic activity or while traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday. Love and passion make complications (some of them fun!) on Thursday and Friday. A group activity over the weekend may result in an intriguing connection.

Pisces: Emotions are overblown at work and perhaps with your partner as well on Monday. Partnership energy soars on Tuesday, but watch out for a misunderstanding on Wednesday. Passion deepens, but not without some challenges, on Thursday and Friday. Romance needs freedom and laughter this weekend, so shed your serious side and romp!

Aries: A clash of wills at work is likely on Monday, but a steamy after-hours encounter will make up for it! Tuesday and Wednesday are all about spending time with your sweetie. Love challenges you to reveal your feelings on Thursday and Friday. You’re ready for an adventure over the weekend, when love can be found from afar.

Taurus: You’ll likely butt heads with your sweetie over who controls what on Monday. Romance accelerates on Tuesday and Wednesday, with perhaps a work flirtation thrown in as well. Lust skyrockets on Thursday and Friday, when twosome energy brings delight. Romance needs a show of daring over the weekend, so go for it!

Gemini: Intensity can heighten or derail a rendezvous on Monday. Your creativity between the sheets makes passion percolate on Tuesday and Wednesday. Naughty talk takes lust to a new level on Thursday and Friday! Plan a romantic rendezvous this weekend with your sweetie, or let it be known you’re single and ready for love.

Cancer: Avoid hasty words and be careful while driving on Monday. A gathering of friends at your abode can bring delight on Tuesday and Wednesday. Use your imagination between the sheets to accelerate passion on Thursday and Friday! Romance has an adventurous vibe over the weekend, so be courageous and try something exotic.

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