Your LOVECAST™: Firing Up or Shaking Down?

It’s a bumpy ride on Monday, so stay focused. But hang in there, because by Friday the New Moon eclipse in Leo fires things up – or shakes them down – romantically, anyhow. Remember to be spontaneous for the maximum result!

Week of July 28 – August 3, 2008

Leo: Group activities may take a weird turn on Monday. Your way with words makes passion percolate on Tuesday. Feelings flow on Wednesday. Your mystique is magnetic on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon in your sign brings a new personal cycle, so take some steps toward realizing your goals! Passion heats up on Saturday morning. Love needs a logical approach from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Virgo: A family member or your boss can unhinge you on Monday. Socializing with friends and networking for work bring fun opportunities on Tuesday. Romance escalates on Wednesday. Use your whimsical side to make love bloom on Thursday. Getting creative in the boudoir heats up passion during the New Moon on Friday (and beyond!). You’re in the limelight from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Libra: Argumentativeness and travel snafus can upset you on Monday. Love needs a show of feelings on Tuesday. You’re antsy for socializing on Wednesday, so plan a get-together. Use your artistic talents to enhance a romantic affair on Thursday. The New Moon on Friday brings opportunities through activities with friends, groups and your community. Lending a helping hand inspires love on Saturday and Sunday.

Scorpio: A battle may erupt while socializing on Monday. Promote your ideas at work on Tuesday. Passion skyrockets on Wednesday, so plan a steamy rendezvous! Mixed messages may derail love on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon can expand your career, so seek out opportunities. Saturday morning through early afternoon is hot! Friends bring fun and insights late Saturday through Sunday.

Sagittarius: You may feel pulled in different directions on Monday. Get centered in your feelings to heighten intimacy on Tuesday. A home-cooked meal can heat up passion on Wednesday. Lust overtakes you on Thursday. The Full Moon on Friday revs up your need to explore new places, so grab some friends (or your lover) and go! Getting out in nature enhances romance on Saturday and Sunday.

Capricorn: Conflicts may arise from gossip or other weird talk (perhaps at work) on Monday. A twosome encounter can bring delight on Tuesday or Wednesday, so plan a sizzling rendezvous! Fantasy stirs up lust on Thursday. The New Moon on Friday (through Saturday early afternoon) fires up intimacy and brings out your playful side. Your sensuality takes over on Saturday night through Sunday.

Aquarius: A clash of wills with your lover can unhinge your relationship on Monday, but communications heighten harmony (and passion!) on Tuesday and Wednesday – if you speak from the heart. Your imagination runs wild (in the boudoir?) on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon can help take your relationship to the next level or help you find a good match. Your analysis of love is insightful on Saturday and Sunday.

Pisces: Crazy-making people surround you on Monday. Your creativity heightens intimacy on Tuesday and Wednesday (use your imagination!). Love is either glorious or illusive on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon urges you to show off your creativity to attract career opportunities. Then seek out a compatible partner (or plan an escape with the one you have) on Saturday night or Sunday.

Aries: Talk at work can unhinge you on Monday. Emotions flow much easier on Tuesday and Wednesday, when a homey rendezvous can intensify passion! Romance gets imaginative (or confusing) on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of (unexpected?) romantic escapades. Passion soars on Saturday morning. Love is analytical and practical from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Taurus: A contretemps in romance can upset love on Monday. Revealing your feelings heightens romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Home entertaining (for two?) can bring joy as well. Your artistry enhances passion on Thursday. Friday’s fun-loving New Moon gives you the urge to beautify your home and entertain friends. Your sexy side takes over on Saturday! Your powers of attraction soar on Sunday.

Gemini: You’re antsy for action and irritated easily on Monday. Get out of your head and into your heart on Tuesday and Wednesday (and watch romance take flight!). Socializing escalates on Thursday. Flirting soars after the sexy The New Moon on Friday, so express yourself! A twosome tryst brings delight early on Saturday. Family and home activities or projects are favored on Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Cancer: Inner restlessness can derail your activities on Monday. Your magnetism and eloquence make you the center of attention on Tuesday and Wednesday. Love is dreamy on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon fires up passion, so express your relationship needs. A heartfelt talk or trip for two on Saturday or Sunday can heighten intimacy. A beautiful, natural ambiance couldn’t hurt, either.

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