Your LOVECAST®: Step Out of the Past and Into the Present

Your Love Horoscope

There’s good news in your love horoscope this week! Venus in Capricorn turns direct on Friday, which can help launch a new relationship or enable your current one to step out of the past and into the present. The New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday also encourages new beginnings, especially with friends, groups and socializing in general. From Friday evening through most of Sunday evening, the Moon in Pisces casts an aura of dreaminess and sensitivity over emotional ties. Best days for socializing: Any day except from Tuesday through Wednesday morning.

Aries Love Horoscope

Socializing with professional contacts can bring a love interest or open a door to career advancement. Romance can also be found during a group gathering, altruistic project or through a friend. You’ll be unusually intuitive during the weekend, when discussing the past will illuminate your relationship patterns and thus improve your love life.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Focusing on attracting a partner who is aligned with your destiny will help you manifest someone compatible. If you’re paired, talking about your future as a couple and individually will bring insights that improve your relationship. Socializing with friends brings joy this weekend. Also, romance can be found during a community event.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

Freeing yourself from emotional blocks that affect intimacy can be the result of an illuminating discussion or an “Aha!” moment that evokes a sudden insight. In any case, your sex life should undergo an upswing soon, according to your love horoscope. Look for romance during a class or spiritual activity. A public event can bring a romantic encounter during the weekend as well.

Cancer Love Horoscope

A problem you’ve been struggling with concerning your partner and/or a commitment will likely be resolved soon, especially if you focus on letting go of any anger, resentment or other negative emotions that hinder your relationships. During the weekend, you may meet someone who has a strong spiritual/emotional affinity with you.

Leo Love Horoscope

Cleaning and organizing your home and work spaces will help you eliminate the internal “clutter” that blocks the flow of love. Partnership energy will be strong during the next two weeks, so focus on shared activities with your sweetie or finding someone who shares your interests. An imaginative tryst will set passion ablaze this weekend!

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Virgo Love Horoscope

Romance will accelerate during the coming weeks, which may help you attract someone special or energize the passion in your current relationship. A creative project will move forward as well. Romance can be found via a co-worker or work project. A rendezvous with your partner or a close friend brings delight during the weekend.

Libra Love Horoscope

A new cycle of romance and creativity will be yours to enjoy, especially during the next two weeks. An issue with a family member or home project should improve shortly as well. Thursday is a great time for a sexy rendezvous. Look for romance during a party or performance, if you’re single. Your helpfulness inspires love during the weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Verbalizing your feelings will be easier after Friday, when Venus turns direct and Mercury begins a 13-day jaunt through your romance sector. A romantic getaway is favored then as well. Look for love at a party, club or theater during the weekend. If you’re paired, going out and having fun together will fire up passion!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

A money issue that has affected a relationship will improve in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for a financial opportunity as well. You’ll be especially good with words during the next two weeks, so share your brainpower and ingenuity to attract romance and/or advance your career. A homey tryst can inspire love this weekend.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Venus in your sign turning direct on Friday will heighten your confidence in the romance arena and help you attract someone enticing. If you’re paired, telling you partner how you want to be loved (through words AND actions) can bring you closer together, especially this weekend. Taking a trip or class together will energize romance too.

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Aquarius Love Horoscope

The New Moon in your sign sets the stage for a fresh start in your personal life. Knowing what you want will help you manifest your aspirations. Someone from your past contacts you in the next few weeks. Your intuition about relationships will be especially strong now. A sensitive approach can inspire love this weekend.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Your social life will accelerate in the coming weeks, especially after Friday as Mercury starts a 13-day run through your sign, making it easier to express your feelings and ideas. Communication is the key to manifesting personal and professional opportunities. You’ll be a magnet for admirers this weekend, so get out there and shine!

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    I have a very special person in my life and I would like to get closer . Do you see that ever happening. my birthdate is 02/21/1963.

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    You are very accurate and precise which helps me a lot definning aspects of my life.
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