Preview Your February Horoscope

Your February Horoscope: Holidays and Astrological Anomalies

February is a short month, but it still packs a punch when it comes to holidays, traditions and astrological anomalies. As we preview your February Horoscope, you’ll soon realize that this is a month that falls short of nothing, minus a couple of days.

Mercurial Mischief

The first noteworthy astrological event of February 2014 is Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces on the 6th. It will slip into Aquarius on the 12th where it will once again go direct on February 28 in Aquarius (entering Pisces again next month). The Mercury Retrograde will touch two houses this month, increasing our chances for misspending, mishaps and misunderstandings.

The Moon (Just One)

Valentine’s Day brings a Full Moon in sexy, yet stubborn, Leo. It’s a strong, willful Moon touching all types of relationships. Thankfully it will be at a good angle to ardent Mars in partnership-minded Libra. Speaking of the Moon, each month we usually get one Full Moon and one New Moon. In your horoscope for February, however, there is no New Moon. Not unlike those born under the sign of Aquarius, the Aquarian New Moon has a mind of its own and so it decided to skip the Mercury Retrograde climate of February since it might undermine its New Moon/new beginnings properties. Good thinking.

The last day of February is the best day of February when Mercury stations direct again and the Sun will be at a wonderful angle to lucky and resourceful Jupiter. It’s a good day to shine at work, and it’s also a good day to get out and flirt. Everyone’s vibe is heightened.

Here’s your February Horoscope!


You’re in the mix! Mercury Retrograde may emphasize weak points in a friendship. Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and there’s a Full Moon in your house of true love. Venus graces your career house making February a great month to get noticed for your hard work.

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Mars champions your daily events and enhances your reputation, which comes in real handy, especially after the 12th when Mercury Retrograde slips into your career house. Check facts and figures twice. Valentine’s Day revolves around your domestic world. Your February Horoscope says you should expect some heat and a little spice—it could be nice!


Mercury retrogrades from the 6th through the 12th in your career house. Use that week to clear your desk and make your appointments for later in the month. Venus benefits your house of shared resources and Mars makes you “large and in charge” in the creative area of life, which includes the bedroom.


Mars makes home life busy in February. Venus will continue in your house of partnerships, and an important relationship may deepen. Try not to travel long distance while Mercury is in retrograde if possible, otherwise expect delays or a snafu with the schedule that may prove costly.

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Keep a lid on spending this month because the Mercury Retrograde affects your joint finances and then your partnerships (ouch). Nothing may happen at all, but forewarned is forearmed. On the upside, Venus should be helping your daily life. Valentine’s Day is all about you, Leo!


In the first week of your February Horoscope Venus and Mercury work together to make partnerships of all types run pretty smoothly. If a working partnership is central to your life, tread lightly from the 12th to the end of February. Cashing in on a hidden or unrecognized talent is possible. Think all decisions through.


The Mercury Retrograde will affect both your daily work and romance houses. If you work in a creative field, the craziness may intensify, but you can handle it. Next month is much better for both. With Mars in your sign, you’re a dynamo at whatever you’re doing; take advantage of this in February.


Love and creativity are both going smoothly, but Mercury retrogrades in that house on February 6th, and then it moves into your domestic house on the 12th. If there are any troubles in either, trust that you’ll smooth it out by next month. A fiery Full Moon on the 14th makes Valentine’s Day a crazy career day.

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Your February Horoscope brings focus to home and communications, especially around the Mercury Retrograde. Try to listen to what others say; see their vision. You have some changes going on and it’s good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Romance returns in a big way next month.


Whatever career matters call for in February, Venus helps you get it all done, but not as easily as it would be if Mercury would cooperate. Mercury Retrograde moves through your third and then second houses, affecting creativity, communication and finally finances. Keep an eye on spending. The Valentine’s Day Full Moon shines a light on something hidden.


The Mercury Retrograde touches your personal finances and your house of self. Being aware of spending habits kicks your sixth sense into overdrive when it comes to finances. On Valentine’s Day you could have a date with destiny or at the least an opportunity for fun and creativity. It just keeps getting better.


Your February Horoscope highlights you being the host of Mercury this month, and you like the energy, but when it retrogrades you may second-guess yourself or feel pulled in different directions. Try to stay cool and stay put—hold off on travel. You get your mojo and your intuition back when it goes direct again. Enjoy February for all it holds—enjoy the ride.

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  1. christie

    All I need to know is am I going to be working for either Whelen Engineering Company?
    Or do I have a job with Len-Tex a textile factory? I am unemployed right now. After 19 years in the first company I told you about. I am happy with my husband ,my daughter.
    I am generally a happy go lucky person. Good personality, and a good heart. If you are real leave me a message.

  2. Alice

    I am a Virgo and my horoscope says that February will “run smoothly”. my boyfriend has just broken up with me and pain has taken me over. i dont see that as being smooth

  3. Jadwiga Jungk

    This year I am 80!! NO love hunting!! Need desperately to know my financial opportunities to cover health and healthcare problems! And very important HOW can I help my two sons financially before I die. I am still fighting to keep my bookshop functioning being in Venezuela and its terrible problems! Last year was a hell and I received NO help. No profit comes from shop and I cannot close it (impossible to sell). Take close look at Venezuela’s conditions and you will understand my fears! Need your small, if possible,HELP!!!! Thank you in advance.


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