Your LOVECAST™: An Open, Idealistic Vibe

Moon in friendly Aquarius and dreamy Pisces offer feelings of an open, idealistic vibe through much of the week. During the weekend, a Saturn opposition can inhibit romance on Saturday, while a Pluto square can cause power struggles on Sunday morning (feelings flow easier as the day progresses). Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Aries: Romance can be found through a gathering of friends or community activity. Creating a serene environment will energize a romantic rendezvous. You’re especially intuitive, too, so pay attention to your inner guidance concerning relationships. This weekend, hidden relationships fears can upset love on Saturday, but passion takes over by Sunday night!

Taurus: Hosting a dinner party for friends will bring joy. You may also get the urge to beautify your home with some artsy elements, which in turn can inspire a romantic interlude. Just watch out for mixed messages on Friday. This weekend, feelings are serious (blocked?) on Saturday. Daring to express your desires will heat up passion on Sunday night.

Gemini: Electricity fires up flirting at the start of the week, which turns into a heartfelt expression of feelings as the week progresses. It’s time to share the longings of your soul. During the weekend, a previous commitment may disrupt your social life on Saturday. A group activity can bring romance on Sunday night.

Cancer: Analyzing your past and present relationships will reveal some insights that can improve your love life. A trusted friend will point out issues you may have overlooked. Romance blooms online or through a spiritual endeavor on Thursday. This weekend, self-expression may be difficult on Saturday. Sharing your expertise inspires romance on Sunday!

Leo: A date with your sweetie (or meeting someone new) will energize you on Tuesday. An imaginative romp toward the middle of the week can bring satisfaction, so get creative! Your intentions may be misunderstood on Friday. During the weekend, love feels heavy on Saturday, but you’re a magnet for romance on Sunday night!

Virgo: Your insightful observations, along with some wicked flirting, can make romance sizzle this week. Partnership energy soars on Thursday, an excellent day for a tryst with your lover or close friend. Feelings seem conflicted on Friday. A relationship barrier may appear on Saturday, but a lusty interlude fires you up on Sunday night!

Libra: Your charm brings romance at the start of the week, especially on Tuesday, so get out and socialize! If you’re already paired, plan a dreamy date with your sweetie. Volunteering you time to those in need can bring romance on Thursday. Your energy may be low on Saturday, but a date revives you on Sunday night!

Scorpio: A discussion about commitment can bring positive results on Monday. Love can deepen on Thursday, especially if you use your artistry to create an enticing ambiance. It’s also a good day to meet someone new. Love may seem elusive on Friday and encumbered on Saturday. Exploring a new locale inspires romance on Sunday night!

Sagittarius: Flirting and other communications, both in person and online, draw admirers this week, so express your desires! A cozy tryst at your abode will heighten romance on Thursday. A party for friends can bring delight as well. Talk can be deceptive on Friday. Your confidence may be low on Saturday, but your creativity brings romance on Sunday night!

Capricorn: Your words have power on Monday, a good day to share your ideas. Your unconventional side can bring a romantic interlude later in the week. Expressing your feelings deepens love on Thursday. A romantic getaway is favored, too. Fantasy fires up passion on Friday. Feelings turn serious on Saturday. A party energizes romance on Sunday night!

Aquarius: Your powers of attraction intensify on Tuesday, a good day to network with friends for both romantic and career opportunities. Expressing your appreciation to those you care for brings fulfillment on Thursday. Others may find you elusive on Friday. Love seems irrational on Saturday. Your brainpower draws admirers on Sunday night!

Pisces: Analyzing the past can bring surprising insights (and perhaps a past-life recognition) on Tuesday. Meditation and dream analysis can open a psychic door to the future. Your perceptiveness and mystique are irresistible on Thursday. Sharing your true self will bring romance. You may need time recharge on Saturday. Love needs action on Sunday night!

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