Your LOVECAST™: Romance is Slow and Sensual

Romance is slow and sensual during Wednesday’s Full Moon! See how to keep your focus in love all week long.

Week of February 16 – 22, 2008
Aquarius: Turning off your logical side and expressing what’s in your heart deepens love over the weekend. Your powers of attraction soar on Monday, so get out there and socialize! Plan a sexy tryst on Tuesday. Wednesday’s Full Moon is all about getting healthy and organized. A quite rendezvous heightens intimacy on Thursday. Actions collide with feelings on Friday.

Pisces: Love will be yours over the weekend, if you use your creativity to attract or intensify a romantic rendezvous. Flirting with a coworker may get complicated on Monday. Promote your work project and creativity on Tuesday. Think “partnership” during Wednesday’s Full Moon and into Thursday, when twosomes are energized! Romance feels rushed on Friday; take some quiet time.

Aries: Entertaining at home revs up romance on Saturday. Slow down to enjoy intimacy on Sunday. Romance may come through a friend or group on Monday. Your creativity heightens passion on Tuesday. Wednesday’s Full Moon amps up your exercise routine as well as your work projects. Seek recognition at work on Thursday. Small things bug you on Friday.



Taurus: Reveal your feelings to make love bloom on Saturday. Flirting may bring a surprise on Sunday! Love needs objectivity and clear talk on Monday. Entertaining at home shows off your creativity on Tuesday. Use your artistry to entice a romantic rendezvous during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Discuss the future with your sweetie on Thursday. Watch overspending on Friday.


Gemini: Expressing your appreciation (words, gift, gesture) heightens romance over the weekend. Flirting may bring love from afar on Monday. A short trip can rev up romance on Tuesday. Home and family activities take precedence during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Entertaining at home deepens friendship and romance on Thursday. An overreaction is likely on Friday.


Cancer: Your powers of attraction and intuition skyrocket over the weekend – reveal your uniqueness! A gift or loving gesture that reveals what’s in your heart can deepen love on Monday and Tuesday. Flirting and sharing your insights rev up romance during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Discuss relationship possibilities with your sweetie on Thursday. Watch words and anger on Friday.


Leo: Love is quiet and deep on Saturday. Venus accelerates partnership activities starting on Sunday. Romance intensifies on Monday, when being a best friend to your sweetie can deepen love. You’re a magnetic for attention on Tuesday. Look for moneymaking opportunities during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Promote your work ideas on Thursday. A clash with a friend is likely on Friday.


Virgo: Socializing with friends soars over the weekend. A unique idea for work comes to you on Sunday. Create a quiet, sexy ambiance to make romance sizzle on Monday or Tuesday. Discussing the past brings insights, then, too. Your powers of attraction accelerate during Wednesday’s Full Moon! Envision and discuss your aspirations on Thursday. Watch pushiness on Friday.


Libra: Passion and feelings combine to deepen love over the weekend, if you can tap into your instincts and silence your brain. Partying with friends may result in a romantic interlude on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday’s Full Moon brings insights about your past and increases your intuition. A quiet encounter just for two brings delight on Thursday. Hidden or suppressed feelings erupt on Friday.


Scorpio: Romance turns into a passionate torrent over the weekend! A glimpse of your future is revealed. Passion and conflict turn up the heat in romance on Monday. Your leadership is needed at work or at home on Tuesday. Group activities can bring opportunities during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Promote your ideas on Thursday – a friend may assist you. Passion gets complicated on Friday.


Sagittarius: Sharing feelings and discussing your sexual needs can deepen intimacy over the weekend. Travel or an exotic locale revs up romance on Monday. Share your philosophy about love and life on Tuesday. Wednesday’s Full Moon energizes your career projects and aspirations. Look for a financial opportunity on Thursday. Your partner gets pushy on Friday.


Capricorn: Your ability to attract a true partner soars over the weekend. If attached, discuss the future of your relationship. Passion sizzles on Monday and Tuesday, if you can reveal what’s in your heart. Romance may come from afar or through a class during Wednesday’s Full Moon. Take some steps on Thursday to realize your dreams. Be careful while traveling on Friday.


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