Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Express Yourself!

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We get a double dose of romance (and drama!) this week as loving Venus enters Leo on Tuesday (through August 4th), followed by brainy Mercury entering Leo the next day (through July 29th). The combination encourages you to express your desires, especially when the two planets hook up this weekend. Also, passion can be hot but complicated on Thursday. Best days for socializing: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Here is your love horoscope!

Aries Love Horoscope
You’ll be craving a lover who lights your fire as Venus and Mercury enter your sector of romance and recreation. You’ll be drawn to people who are highly creative, charismatic and enjoy having a good time, just as you do. Look for romance during a social gathering or entertainment event. These influences can also ignite a flame in your creativity.

Taurus Love Horoscope
Mercury and your Venus ruler transiting through Leo can give you the urge to add a touch of glamor to your decor and do some entertaining. An enticing ambiance, along with scrumptious food and drink, is sure to seal the deal with your lover or inspire romance with your current sweetie. Connecting with your family (or friends who feel like family) will bring joy too.

Gemini Love Horoscope
Your charm and brainpower will make you irresistible as Venus and your Mercury ruler energize your intellect. Sharing what you’re passionate about can capture the heart of a new admirer. Romance may be found through a message, online source or while traveling. If you’re paired, learning something new together or embarking on a romantic getaway will spice up your relationship.

Cancer Love Horoscope
Mercury and Venus traveling through Leo will evoke your generosity with the people you love. Offering your resources, time and/or heart will bring out the best in you. You’ll be drawn to people who are genuine and sensual, which can include an admirer with those qualities. If you’re paired, whatever you value most will take center stage in the relationship.

Leo Love Horoscope
Venus and Mercury in your sign offer the gifts of passion, playfulness and creativity. If you’re solo, your powers of attraction will skyrocket, but even if you don’t meet “the one,” you’ll find great joy in connecting with the people you love. If you’re paired, hopefully your partner knows what’s up with their Leo and showers you with love and attention, which you’ll be pleased to reciprocate.

Virgo Love Horoscope
What’s hidden in your heart will come out to play as Mercury and Venus transit through Leo. Perhaps you’ve placed romance on hold due to your work or not being involved with anyone. Be prepared for desire to come knocking at your psyche in the form of a yearning for more love and passion in your life. Removing emotional barriers is your mission in the coming weeks.

Libra Love Horoscope
Your desire to connect with friends and make new contacts will escalate as Mercury and your Venus travel through Leo. You’ll be motivated to reach out to people who are in-tune with your tastes, artistry and intellect. Sharing your ideas and creativity within a group will bring kudos. If you’re solo, you may meet someone special through a friend or group activity.

Scorpio Love Horoscope
Venus and Mercury traveling through your career zone during the next few weeks can bring recognition for your ideas and creativity. If you’re looking for love, you may meet a potential paramour through a colleague or activity connected to your work. You’ll likely be the one to make the first move. Be prepared to discuss your feelings about commitment too.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope
The future of a relationship may be revealed as Venus and Mercury transit through Leo. Getting in touch with your inner guidance will open up your intuition, which can illuminate where your current relationship is headed or offer clues about finding a new paramour. Education, culture, spirituality or travel will play a role in your love life in the coming weeks.

Capricorn Love Horoscope
Love and passion can merge blissfully (or get more complicated) as Venus and Mercury transit through Leo. Your craving for a profound connection can motivate you to take your relationship to the next level. Talking about sex with your partner will be delightfully enlightening. If you’re solo, you may meet someone who will, through ecstasy or pain, transform your inner world for the better.

Aquarius Love Horoscope
Venus and Mercury transiting through your partnership zone is all about sharing your heart. You’ll be inspired connect emotionally and mentally with your mate or a close friend. If you’re solo and ready for a serious relationship, you have a good chance of meeting someone who is in-tune with your feelings and ideas and who communicates well with you.

Pisces Love Horoscope
Your desire to make the world a better place, through volunteering or sharing your views through social media, may draw the attention of someone special who appreciates what’s in your heart. Activities that involve getting healthy can also bring an admirer. If you’re paired, small gestures of appreciation and paying attention to each other’s needs will awaken the love in the relationship.

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