How to Love an Independent Woman

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The independent woman is one of the greatest kinds of woman a man could ever hope to love. We’re not talking about the type that uses the term, “independent” as an excuse for why she is perpetually single but rather the smart, confident, strong, nurturing and caring woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask or wait for it. This may not sound like the strong women you’ve known in the past, but this is likely because in order to get to this good stuff, you must first crack her hard protective shell. An independent woman may not always be the easiest to love, but the work it takes to get there is worth it. And this is the kind of work we’re talking about:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Promises mean nothing to an independent woman without delivery. If you say that you’re going to do something, it will be expected, and not many reasons are going to excuse you from failing to deliver on a promise.

Apologies Will Be Expected

Most women appreciate a man who can own up to being wrong, but an independent woman will almost demand it. If she is a true independent woman she will hold herself to the same standard and it won’t be about her ‘being right,’ but rather knowing that you’re capable of growing and learning from your mistakes.

Take Your Man Time; She Will Understand

Not everyone understands the moments when a man needs to be alone, but the independent woman does. Independent women need time to themselves too, and will not become insecure simply because you retreat to your cave after a tough day at work. However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t require good, deep conversations from time to time.

Conversations Will Be Mandatory

As Tyrion Lannister, from Game of Thrones, once said, “The true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms.” An independent woman has many thoughts and experiences to share with her man, and these are the moments where “history” and romance is made. Just hanging out with her can be acceptable at times, but an independent woman really enjoys being challenged by a man’s wit and intellect.

She Keeps Score

This isn’t in a petty sense, but rather that she does pay attention to the equality of your relationship. If you compromise for her once, she will remember it the next time you have an argument. In the end, an independent woman may be determined, but she is also very fair when it comes to returning the faith and respect you’ve given her in the past.

Laziness is Unacceptable

An independent woman does not need anyone because she has worked hard to provide for herself. She is very proud of that accomplishment, and the only way for you to understand that particular value she holds is to believe in it yourself.

Decisions Will Be Joint

The Independent woman is forever in her own driver’s seat. She may come to you for advice, but ultimately any decision that involves values, career, money, home and family will need to be made together.

You Will Have a Stance in the Relationship

Independent women do not spend time with men they are not at least committed to in some way, whether it’s a business partnership, romance or weekly booty call. There is no room for indecision or mystery with these women, as their time is very valuable. If she begins to wonder if you are not being honest or putting in equal amounts of effort, the relationship will be short-lived.

You’re Willing to Take Turns Leading the Conversation

For some men it is natural to be the conversation leaders. This is because most men see themselves as funny, charming, confident and a good source of entertainment to friends, lovers and family. Independent women see themselves the same way, which means a man must learn to take turns whenever she is with him.

Do you notice a pattern? If you say that she seems too picky, that may be one way to look at it. However, an even better way to perceive an independent woman is to understand her tendency to bring out the best in a man. Yes, she may expect a lot, but she doesn’t really ask any more than you should already be asking of yourself.

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    That is me to a tee all though I did not know me in the beginning I found me through trial and error and now I am the strong one in our relationship as be is in mine.


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