Weekly Astrology Career Guide for January 21 – 27, 2013

Get Ready for Career Changes

Think in terms of the excitement and demands of a big storm when you approach the week of January 21 through the 27th. Each of us is an important part of transformational times on this planet. Your career plans must adapt to these changes. If you remember that everyone else is also forced to adapt to these times you can really benefit from the situation.

Your positive career ideas will look “sexy” to others. You gain their support when you are the one to be brave enough to address future ways of living. The Full Moon on Saturday, January 26 brings new rules in technology and social networking that you can use. You will be the one who is prepared because you know this in advance. Want to know more about upcoming astrological trends and what to expect? Talk with astrologer Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 today!


Your week of January 21 begins with emphasis on communication. Your words can definitely rock the boat at work. Yet, what you say is crucial to correcting old inequities and being able to move forward as a meaner, leaner organization that really does make a difference. Your creative energy is intense during the Full Moon over the weekend of January 26 – 27 with friends or social networking playing a key role.


Your recent, intense way of expressing yourself is sexy in every realm, including your career. The week of January 21 through the 27th is the time when people can feel your passion for what you do and what you desire in life. They will find themselves drawn to your ideas and projects as something that can become solid and real. If you make the most of this, you’ll see some financial benefits.


The week of January 21 through the 27th begins with your powerful ability to communicate saving the day at work. Your words can inspire or confuse others, so be certain coworkers and clients are following your ideas. While your communications ought to be clear, be certain that your words cut through the circumstances that have others nervous.


You can really reach others on the job on Wednesday, January 23 and Thursday the 24th. If partners—even those who challenge you—feel that the cash flow will support your plans, you’ll have full cooperation. Thursday is your day to really build something workable to promote your career.


Friends and other fans of your work have great ideas to promote your future on Monday, January 21 and Tuesday the 22nd. You are the star of your life as your performing talents shine over the weekend, maybe through throwing a great party for clients or coworkers. Others will love the confidence that you project, identifying with your ability to create your own future.


You really shine in the workplace on Monday, January 21. Others finally begin to grasp the depth of your spirit and willingness to help others. Later in the week you’ll rely more on your relationships with others to achieve your goals. Partners’ experiencing major changes will begin to see how important you are to them.


During the week of January 21 through the 27th you are completely in tune with a free flow of communications. You are a living expression of what needs to be heard and known in the workplace. This is particularly true on Monday, the 21st. On Tuesday, January 22 you’ll feel fearless in expressing what you have to offer others.

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You start feeling that your hard work is producing results on Wednesday, January 23. Dealing with the ever-changing environment in the workplace is worth the effort for now to keep your finances in order and to support those big plans you have. It’s a hard-working time, but a productive one.


You are fearlessly communicating your positive outlook during the week of January 21 through the 27th. You have a bigger view of business prospects. Your job is to help others see this as well and drop the doom and gloom attitude. Others will catch your enthusiasm on Thursday, January 26 and Friday, the 27th.


During the week of January 21 through the 27th you continue to have that intensity that captivates others. You fascinate them with your ability to reinvent yourself and restructure your career interests to meet the needs of the day. Thursday, January 24 is a good day to talk to partners about finances as they are more open to your new ideas.


The week of January 21 begins with your communications clear and uplifting. Your usual forward-thinking perspective helps clients and coworkers. There are undercurrents in the workplace on Thursday, January 24. If you communicate your ideas clearly you’ll resolve their fears and neediness.


Sensitive Pisces, you need to begin the week of January 21 staying focused on your career while dealing with the huge demands in your home life and with friends. With all of that handled, you are free to fully express your best work starting Thursday, January 24.

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