Your Weekend Horoscope: Rest and Replenishment

Rest While You Can 

The Balsamic Moon or waning crescent Moon is the final phase of the Moon’s cycle. This is a time for deep rest and emotional replenishment. On Friday and Saturday, you may find that you need more sleep and quiet time than usual. This will help you process the experiences of the past month and decide which things to discard or bring to a close. It will also help you decide what should be continued with the new cycle that begins with Sunday’s dynamic New Moon in Leo. The New Moon’s aspects to energetic Mars and rebellious Uranus suggest that events will keep you on your toes, so you had better rest up while you can! Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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As the weekend begins, you’ll feel like hunkering down at home, putting on some comfy loungewear, and curling up with a good book or zoning out while watching your favorite TV shows. You aren’t being lazy. You are giving yourself the mini staycation that you deserve. You’ll need to conserve your energy to keep up with the hijinks that will ensue around Sunday’s New Moon. Competitive sports or games could be on the agenda. Or you might be gearing up to make a really bold romantic move. It may surprise you how far your desire to win will drive you to go.


Your version of quiet time involves setting your phone to silent, unplugging from social media, and putting the constant stream of chatter on pause. You can barely hear yourself think with the onslaught of input and information that you have to contend with on a daily basis. Sunday’s New Moon is likely to bring a lot of activity to the home front and it won’t exactly be relaxing.  You may have to put out a fire that is about to reach the point at which it can no longer be contained. This could involve a repair or a disagreement amongst family members. Nip it in the bud, so that you can enjoy solace in your space.


Your Weekend Horoscope advises you to give financial matters a rest for the time being. Even pleasurable pursuits like shopping should be put on pause. Take a moment to get mindful about money. Blindly dropping cash here and there not only depletes your resources, but it also deprives you of the joy of hard-earned gifts. Sunday’s New Moon will make you pretty outspoken and could stir up a conflict with a group or a friend. Better to say what you need to say and clear the air than to pretend you’re cool with what’s happening. Just stick to the facts and avoid making a personal attack.


You need to do your Zen thing, Cancer, so just step back from the madness and withdraw into your shell. You can set the tone instead of allowing circumstances to dictate how things should be. When you decide to chill out and avoid the hassle, people will have to adjust their energy to your laid-back vibe. There will be more than enough high-energy antics following Sunday’s New Moon. You might have to make a bold financial move and this could certainly upend things in your career. It will be easier to assess the right moves if you are acting from a relaxed state of mind.


On Friday and Saturday, your Weekend Horoscope says you’ll feel the need for a full-on retreat from whatever is happening in your world. Make it your mission to spend some time in prayer, meditation, or quiet contemplation. Sacred downtime will help you tune into your emotions and heal wounds so you don’t carry them forward into the year that begins with your upcoming birthday. Sunday’s New Moon in your sign promises to be a high-octane ride. You’ll be in a hurry to make something happen, but you should take care that your assertiveness doesn’t cross the line.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that it would be beneficial to spend time with a low-maintenance friend; someone whom you don’t have to entertain and who shares your love for quiet activities. It’s like giving yourself an emotional cushion that can help you survive Sunday’s crazy New Moon. Also, an onslaught of unsettling emotions could threaten to disrupt your peace of mind. There is probably a situation that you have been avoiding, but it can no longer be ignored. It might involve sex or money, which could make for delicate negotiating. If you want to sleep soundly, you’ll need to face the matter head on.


Take a moment on Friday or Saturday to inventory where things stand with your career. Don’t focus too much on externals, but on how you really feel about where you are and where things appear to be headed. It will be helpful to have a sense of your own priorities and goals before Sunday’s New Moon gets you turned around by other people’s agendas. A crazy team dynamic at work or an unexpected development with your significant other could make you question your direction and long-term goals. Let your inner compass keep you on the right track.


Playing hooky on Friday or Saturday will relieve your boredom and provide the respite you need from your daily affairs. Taking a little break from your regular schedule can go a long way toward refreshing your perspective. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that Sunday’s chaotic New Moon could create an upset in your work life. You are feeling especially ambitious and if you don’t go about things the right way, you could step on a few toes. Tread carefully, Scorpio. Unless you have your next move already in place and you are prepared to deal with the fallout, you shouldn’t shake things up.


Sometimes you just have to let go of all the things you want to control—money, relationships, and your emotions. It is just too exhausting to keep fighting to have everything go your way. It isn’t so much about giving up, but just relaxing your grasp and going with the flow. Sunday’s New Moon will challenge your beliefs about these matters as well as a number of other things. The more intent you are on enforcing your rules, the more chaotic things will be—especially with your love interest or your children. Here’s the thing about your rules: you are free to break them or change them when they no longer work for you.


Who is the individual you feel closest to right now? Connecting with this person on Friday or Saturday will be immensely healing, according to your Weekend Horoscope. You can benefit from the comfort and companionship that only this person can provide. Sunday’s intense New Moon could prompt an unexpected ending. You may suddenly find it necessary to cut ties with a person or situation that’s causing an upset in your home life or otherwise threatening your peace of mind. One thing’s for sure, things are becoming so intense that it’s making everyone uncomfortable. Maybe you should let things cool off before you do something drastic?


On Friday and Saturday, a gentle workout might be just the thing to relax you and relieve your tension. Whether it be exercise, rest, or a nutritious meal, you should give your body what it craves. you’ll need your strength in order to deal with Sunday’s high-octane New Moon. Things are heating up with an important relationship and you’ll need to determine exactly where things stand. Some crazy things might be said, but it is better to get everything out in the open so that you can work toward some sort of agreement. You’ll certainly be a powerful pair when you are on the same page.


You’ll get your weekend off to the right start by going out on a low-key date or engaging in a mellow activity you enjoy. Spending quality time with your kids could be especially fulfilling. Have as much relaxing fun as you can before Sunday’s New Moon gets you worked up about employment matters. You may feel that the time has come to kick butt on the job and push things to the next level. Just be sure that the actions you take don’t backfire and create unnecessary problems. Therefore, coordinating your efforts with your coworkers will be the most efficient way to get things done.

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