Your Weekend Horoscope: Uplifting Vibe

Keep Things Positive

With the Sun in sync with the Moon and enthusiastic Jupiter, a feeling of optimism, warmth, and generosity will infuse your interactions with an uplifting vibe. Most people will want to keep things positive and are likely to respond in kind when you show concern for their happiness and well-being. On Sunday, you may feel that you have reached the limits of your good will. The Sun at odds with illusory Neptune is apt to amplify your disappointments and distract you from the things that are going well. Keeping your expectations in check will help you to manage your emotions. Don’t get too high and don’t get too low. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your ease around opening up and sharing your thoughts and feelings can have a positive effect on your relationships. You might discover that your significant other is ready to do something big. Your warmth and optimism will make it easy to get along and will support any type of collaborative effort. Attend to joint projects on Friday or Saturday because that’s when you will be in the best mood. On Sunday, you might be feeling a little blue. A lack of clarity around what’s really bothering you only increases your anxiety. You might be tired or full of stress. Therefore you should make it an early night so you will be right as rain in the morning.


Maintaining financial security is priority number one. Be on the lookout for an opportunity to pick up more hours at work or take on an additional job. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make improvements in your employment situation as long as you avoid taking on more hours or projects than you can manage. You might be so enthusiastic about new opportunities that you get in over your head. On Sunday, you will feel less enthusiastic about your future. Or you may feel let down by a friend. Don’t get too deep into your disappointments. You will certainly see these situations differently when you are in a better mood.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests there will be no shortage of opportunities for entertainment and romance. You can forget about getting any work or chores done this weekend because this vibe is all about fun. If you are single, you might even hit the dating jackpot. You may have a couple of interesting dates or you could meet a potential partner. However, if you are in a relationship you should plan an evening on the town with your mate or make it a family friendly outing. A public faux pas could make things awkward on Sunday, but it won’t be a big deal if you decide to let it go.


You are keeping a low profile, so you might prefer a quiet get together with family and friends instead of going out on the town. This is a great time to entertain at home or visit your closest loved ones. You are a natural nester and you may feel ready to make a big change in your home. Purchasing lavish furnishings or decor might be on your agenda. If you venture far from home on Sunday, there is a good chance that you could end up getting lost. Your GPS might be on the fritz or you might arrive at your destination and discover that it isn’t really where you want to be.


You are in a sociable mood, so make it your priority to spend time with friends. Interesting conversations will ensue and you will learn a lot about the people around you. Your warm and welcoming vibe will make people feel that they are an intrinsic part of this weekend’s festivities. On Sunday, there could be some confusion around a joint financial situation. Before you jump to conclusions about what the other person is doing, you should make sure that you fully understand the ins and outs. Matters may not be entirely clear. If deception is afoot, you will certainly know about it soon enough.


All eyes are on you, Virgo, so do what you can to cast yourself in a positive light. Displaying generosity and compassion will make the right impression. A financial matter might be poised to work out in your favor, providing that you don’t push things too far. Similarly, you should be careful not to squander your blessings by going on a spending binge. On Sunday, it will be a good idea to have some alone time. Hanging out with your significant other or a close colleague or friend could prove to be a disappointment, especially if you find something out that you don’t really want to know.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that the planets are perfectly aligned to enhance your best qualities. No matter what happens, you should find it easy to feel positive and find some activity or event you’ll enjoy. This is a good time to focus on personal goals and self-improvement projects. You are capable of so much more and now you have the confidence to explore your options. On Sunday, you might feel exhausted or a little run down, especially if you are working too hard or engaging in exercise that you don’t have the energy for. Take it easy, Libra.


You may feel like you have an angel looking over your shoulder. This gives you tremendous faith that a challenging situation in your life will work out in your favor. Even if you have yet to see evidence of this, deep down, you will feel that Spirit is on your side and that invisible forces are working on your behalf. You have nothing to lose by maintaining a positive state of mind! On Sunday, you might feel a bit disillusioned about a matter involving your love life or children. The bigger your expectations, the greater the chances of feeling let down. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself or your loved ones.


You are in your element as the Sun aligns with the Moon and your ruler, Jupiter. You will feel even more like yourself when you mix and mingle with old friends and with new acquaintances. Someone who comes from a foreign country or from a background that is very different from your own could prove to be an interesting companion. Make it your mission to stay out of the house to avoid your relatives on Sunday. You might feel disillusioned about a domestic matter, so it will be a good idea to give yourself a break. Solitude and distance will help to refresh your perspective.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that it will be all work and no play for industrious Capricorn. A door could be opening in your career and you need to be prepared to make a move when it happens. Therefore, polish your resume and complete any projects that may help to decide your future. If you need guidance, a helpful boss or mentor can provide the advice you need. You may have a moment of self-doubt on Sunday, but don’t let it deter you from what you have set out to do. As you make progress toward your goal, your confidence will increase accordingly.


Hop on the closest plane, train, or automobile and set off on an adventure. You’re probably feeling bored with the usual routine, so a change of scenery will do you good. If you can’t get away, then seek out an interesting local destination you have never been to before. Why not make it a date or take your children along for the ride? On Sunday, you might feel a little down about your financial situation, but don’t let it put you in a tailspin. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, do it when you feel more levelheaded.


People care about you a lot and something that happens to you this weekend is likely to affirm that. Your significant other, a family member, or a close friend may do something nice for you or surprise you with a special gift. Alternately, your good fortune might come from a different source. This could be a good time to request a credit increase or to negotiate the terms of a mortgage or loan. On Sunday, being too self-absorbed can make you feel pretty gloomy. Focusing on the happiness of others instead of being all “me, me, me” can help shift your mood.

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