Your Weekend Horoscope: An Unsettling Note to End the Year

Confront It or Put It to Rest

The year ends on an unsettling note as passive-aggressive Mars in Pisces syncs with slippery Neptune. Unresolved conflict lingers in the air, although most people will avoid dealing with it directly. Either confront the issue or put it to rest so that you can start 2017 with a clean slate. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Brooding over an unfulfilled desire can make you your own worst enemy. Sometimes you just have to surrender when things are not looking like they will go your way. This isn’t a defeat but a win if you succeed in taking your power back from a disempowering situation.


Feeling discouraged about your future can ruin 2017 before it even begins. Instead of focusing on what you think you can’t do, try giving your attention to what you can accomplish in the year ahead. Every small success builds up your confidence and prepares you to do more.


You enjoy being in the spotlight, but your Weekend Horoscope warns against making a spectacle of yourself. A company party or community gathering is definitely not the right place to indulge in behavior that is best kept behind closed doors. Be careful not to tarnish your carefully crafted reputation.


Travel could prove to be problematic, so you might want to celebrate close to home. Just make sure you avoid getting into a debate about politics, religion, or other potentially contentious topics. You might feel more strongly about your position on a certain matter than you realize.


Your plans for an intimate evening could go awry, especially if someone has a little too much to drink. Also, if you are expecting someone else to pick up the tab for the festivities, you could be in for a surprise. A simple celebration will be your best bet.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you might be in the mood for a solo celebration, especially if you can’t get on the same page with your mate or your date. If being with your companion won’t start your year off on a high note, you’ll be better off spending it on your own.


If you have been working hard and feeling a little stressed, elaborate plans involving massive partying will only make you feel worse. Reward yourself with a little rest and relaxation, or go with a more low-key plan to welcome in 2017. Your body will thank you!


Putting too much pressure on yourself or others to have fun could set you up for disappointment, especially if you are in a bit of a funky mood. Try to find pleasure in whatever you do this weekend, so that you can begin 2017 on a high note.


Celebrations with family or having a party at your home could get chaotic. If you want to enjoy yourself, get out of the house. Whether you visit a friend or attend a fun event, your weekend will be relatively stress-free because you’re not responsible for cleaning up a mess.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you should keep things light. This is not the time for complaints, confrontational conversations, nor hours spent contemplating where you have gone wrong. Try starting your year on a positive note by recalling all the good times and highlights of the past year.


Your plans for the weekend could prove to be a lot more expensive than you had originally planned. Make sure you can afford your elaborate itinerary before you drop a load of cash. If you are in a crowded place, make sure that your wallet and other valuables are safely tucked away.


It’s obvious that you have a bee in your bonnet, but it doesn’t have to prevent you from having a good time. Instead of obsessing over your problems, try spending time with fun people who can distract you from your concerns. You can resume your worries later if you need to.

One thought on “Your Weekend Horoscope: An Unsettling Note to End the Year

  1. Rose O.

    Hello! I just read my horoscope for the day and weekend, and it still did not make sense because, I am not going to a company
    function or indulging myself. And on the day horoscope I do not have a live partner so there is no romance there and don’t
    expect one. I am done with dating to much drama.
    I forgot to say that I am a Gemini (Fem).


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