Your Weekend Horoscope: Unsanctioned Viewpoints

Dogmatic and Emotional

The Full Moon in freewheeling Sagittarius takes on a more authoritarian tone as it syncs with sober Saturn. People tend to be extremely dogmatic and very emotional about their beliefs and will leave little room for unsanctioned viewpoints and ideas. However, just as things begin to get a little stuffy, mystical Neptune comes along sprinkling its fairy dust and blurring the lines of reality. Your religious, political, and cultural footholds may start crumbling beneath you. You will have to ask yourself whether what you believe is true, valid, or good for you? Are you confident enough to take your beliefs to task? Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You cling to certain ideas and information as if your life depended upon it, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Is there a chance that these concepts only reinforce your fears? This Full Moon is likely to trigger a fear of the unknown or unfamiliar. You can either pretend that everything is cool or you can take a critical self-inventory and examine how your beliefs might be obstructing your happiness. If your worldview has become too narrow, you could benefit from expanding your horizons. Talk to people outside of your usual circles and learn something about their cares and concerns. Finding out that someone who is different on the outside is the same as you on the inside can be a game-changer.


The Full Moon may prompt you to question how well your relationships fulfill your emotional, sexual, and financial needs. A difference in values can mean that what you receive from your mate or your loved ones differs from what you think you deserve. Maybe you feel that you give too much and they give too little? Or could it be that they give plenty, but for you it is never enough? Think beyond short-term gains and contemplate whether your current balance of give-and-take supports the long-term growth of your relationships. You might need to forego certain immediate pleasures in order to cultivate a connection that is strong enough to go the distance.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you might be somewhat at the mercy of others—especially your significant other. When the Full Moon is opposite your sign, your emotional tank is running on empty. Just try to keep the drama to a minimum. People are making heavy demands of you now and this might be at odds with what you feel you need to do to take care of yourself. Your concern about your reputation might cause you to cave in to external pressure. Is self-neglect really a good look? Contemplating your deepest desires and priorities can help you decide what to do.


It is time to bring an important work or fitness goal to completion. Just as you are prepared to wrap things up, you could be seized with fear or self-doubt. The more invested you are in the outcome, the more intense your insecurity might be. If you have already dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s, you shouldn’t have any cause for concern. You can still move things forward despite any lingering doubts. Review any pertinent rules or guidelines if you need to, just to make sure you are on track, but it doesn’t pay to get paranoid at this stage in the process.


If your love life feels unfulfilling, it is probably because you are putting too many restrictions on romance. A fear around not getting your needs met can make you too demanding or too strict and can create the very scenario you are trying so desperately to avoid. It’s good to have healthy boundaries and expectations, but don’t make it too hard for people to love you. Find a way to adopt a more lighthearted attitude about love. Similarly, you should be careful that you aren’t expecting too much from children. Being a full-time disciplinarian inspires fear, not respect. Whether single, coupled, or with kids in tow, focus on having more fun.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you might be under pressure to finish a project around the home or wrap up a family matter. The problem is that you and a loved one might not be on the same page about how things should be done. You will have to trust your own judgment on this and feel confident enough to do things your way despite the doubts and questions of others. You are the one who will be responsible for cleaning up the mess if things don’t work out favorably. Consider what is best for your long-term security and stand up for yourself.


Even though your emotions are pretty intense, you could find it hard to express what you are feeling. Confusion or doubts around a matter pertaining to your employment situation or your health might be part of the problem. Getting stressed out about it only makes matters worse. Before you make any big decisions, you should do something relaxing and quietly contemplate your options. Meditation or a massage can refresh you and get you back on track. An older woman, possibly a sibling, relative, or neighbor, might be able to provide information that helps you make the right decision.


Your beliefs about a financial matter might be more of a hindrance than a help, especially if they blind you to input from outside sources. You might be taking too much of a risk or abandoning yourself to your fate without adequately considering your options. This can be easy to do if you have been stressing about this issue for a while and you are eager to wrap things up. If you are in a jam, you have nothing to lose by listening to what friends and loved ones have to say. Your problem is that you don’t know how to accept help when you need it.


The Full Moon in your sign can make you unusually emotional, but with an influence from mature Saturn, you will keep your feelings under control. In many ways, you are more competent and together than you have ever been, yet you may still doubt your ability to behave like a mature adult. If you are still seeking the approval of mommy or daddy, you might never feel that you are enough. Focusing on your accomplishments and how far you’ve come can help you put things in the right perspective. Can you keep the faith despite a lack of acknowledgment from others?


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a reluctance to deal with your emotions, yet sweeping things under the rug only creates more unrest. Insomnia or an inability to relax could be a sign that there is something on your mind that needs to be addressed. Your need to make yourself indispensable on the job could be part of the problem. Be careful you aren’t equating your self-worth with what you can contribute at work. Focus on making self-care a priority. Eat delicious food, spend time with people whose company you enjoy, and get a few extra hours of sleep. You will have a fresh perspective when your mind and body are at ease.


You might feel you have to work harder at friendship than you think you should. One of your friends might be too demanding or a lack of meaningful friendships might leave you feeling lonely or misunderstood. This can make you question whether people value you and appreciate what you bring to the table. Also, if you and a friend are in different economic situations, it can put stress on your relationship. This is a good time to consider what is most important to you in a friendship and whether you contribute the same things you’d like to receive.


The pressure is on to bring a professional project or goal to a successful completion. This has been a long time in the making and you can’t afford to drop the ball now. Your actions in the coming weeks can determine the long-term trajectory of your career. It is only natural that you are doubting yourself and questioning your abilities now that the finish line is in sight. Tune out your inner critic and connect with someone who can give you the pep talk that will help you stay focused and keep your head in the game.

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