Weekend Horoscope: Increase the Peace

Getting Along

Jupiter in Libra wants to increase the peace in relationships, while Mars in Capricorn strives for status and respect. With these two planets in conflict, the pursuit of one’s personal ambitions threatens to upset the delicate balance between people who need to work together. Can’t we all just get along? Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your ruler, Mars, clashing with Jupiter, reveals your dogged determination to make your mark despite the fact that your ambition could wreck a perfectly good partnership. Whether the relationship happens to be personal or professional, it deserves more respect and consideration than you are giving it right now.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that your intense restlessness could distract you from your work or from accomplishing other important tasks. Impatience could prompt you to rush or to cut corners in order to save time. Carelessness with physically demanding tasks or even exercise could invite injury. Slow down, Taurus.


Your craving for physical connection could make you rush a romance or go overboard in your efforts to win the affection of the person you are pursuing. It isn’t all about you. Consider the needs and feelings of the other person instead of just pushing to get what you want.


Attending to all the tasks on your “honey-do list” isn’t likely to be your partner’s idea of a good way to spend the weekend. Similarly, you don’t want to be pushed to take on too many domestic responsibilities. Don’t be bossed and don’t be bossy. Find a way to compromise.


You are determined to excel at work, exercise, or other task you take on. It’s an admirable goal. However, setting out to do something that you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to accomplish only gets you in over your head. Be realistic about what you can do.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that competitiveness could drive you to spend a considerable amount of money in your quest to win. Whether the prize is love, money, or merely a good time, you are prepared to go all in. What you are after probably isn’t worth such a hefty investment.


There is a lot of activity happening in your domestic life that demands your attention and a lot of pressure could be put on you to be the person who takes on the bulk of the responsibility. There is only so much you can manage on your own. Delegate tasks to others.


Inflated fear or insecurity makes you argumentative. You might think that you need to prove your point to others, but it’s more likely you are struggling to talk your way out of your own frustration and anger. It’s okay if you need to vent, but don’t injure innocent bystanders.


Mars, clashing with your ruler, Jupiter, makes you go overboard with spending on social events. There’s a wide variety of activities to choose from and you want to do as much as you can. Your social life promises to be active for some time, so save some cash for future festivities.


Mars, in your sign squaring Jupiter, kindles your ambition in a big way. A minor accomplishment won’t be enough for you and you won’t rest until you do something bigger and better than what you have done before. Pace yourself. There are more important opportunities yet to come.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your frustration at not being able to act on a certain matter. However, that won’t stop you from trying to direct the show from behind the scenes. Despite your vast knowledge on the matter, you will need to trust that others have what it takes to get things done.


You are pretty gung ho about spending time with friends or participating in group activities and you assume that others will share your motivation and enthusiasm. However, you might be expecting too much. Consider the time and financial restraints of your pals and how this might impact your plans.

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  1. Rose06

    Hello! just want to comment on my horoscope. I am a Gemini and I read it but, it does not pertain. I don’t think it is all about me,
    and that I am craving physical attention etc. I can tell u that it is all wrong. Sorry


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