Weekend Horoscope: Determination and Transformation

The Struggle is Real

Jupiter at odds with Saturn is a case of more vs. less. Add regenerative Pluto to the mix and major transformation is possible, though it won’t happen without a struggle. Under these influences, hard work coupled with determination and considerable patience can yield rewards. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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It won’t benefit you to put in more effort or more hours if you lack the knowledge, permission, or credentials to do what you want to do. You may need to appeal to someone in a position of power in order to get the green light. Don’t buck the rules.


Fun and romance are high up on your list of priorities, but your intended playmate might have other ideas. Instead of sulking, why not focus on a loftier pursuit? Spirituality or a cultural or academic activity could help to broaden your perspective. A little sophistication could enhance your sex appeal!


Spending more time at home or with your family might not be your mate’s idea of a good time. Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that this could be a super passionate weekend if you create the conditions for intimacy to thrive. Similarly, single Geminis need to be social in order to meet someone new.


Be careful not to toot your own horn, as your actions are likely to fall short of your enthusiastic self-promotion. You can’t pull off what you are proposing on your own. However, with the help of a powerful partner you are likely to be a smashing success!


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that no amount of money is likely to produce the pleasure you desire this weekend. Putting your efforts into a work project could prove to be far more profitable. Sometimes it pays to go with the flow rather than pushing against it.


Your happy face belies your frustration over a home and family matter. Wishful thinking won’t solve the problem, but finding ways to invite more fun into your domestic life could be a good start. Engage your family in an activity that everyone will enjoy. If you’re solo, try a creative project.


Your optimism might be hiding underneath a cloud of depression or stress. Spending time with family member or close friend who can remind you of your inner strength can help to rekindle your positive vibe. Cleaning up clutter in your living space could also help to brighten your mood.


Socializing racks up big bills, especially if you have a lot of activities and events on your agenda. You won’t have to venture far from home to have a good time. There could be something interesting happening in your immediate environment that proves to be worthwhile and won’t break the bank.


You are ready to branch out in your career. However, you shouldn’t do it if you lack the confidence or don’t have time to take on more responsibilities. What you have on your plate right now can be sufficient to transform your financial situation if you put in the right effort.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you struggling to overcome the fears and insecurities that prevent you from broadening your horizons. Start by expanding upon something that you have already mastered. Being reminded of your strengths makes it easier for you to cultivate the courage to pursue unexplored territory.


You are blessed with tremendous support from others, yet you may still expect help from a friend. This leads to disappointment when he or she doesn’t follow through. Have you forgotten how resourceful you can be? Tap into the strengths that will allow you to be more independent.


Even though you have the support you need, it could still be hard to make a breakthrough in your career. At this time, you stand to gain more by being a competent team player rather than aiming for solo success. Your time is coming, Pisces. Just hang in there.

One thought on “Weekend Horoscope: Determination and Transformation

  1. Rose06

    Hi! Krishni, thank you for your message. I am a Gemini but as far as romance the message does not pertain. I work a very busy and stressful job, with the public. So, when I do go home I become a hermit, I do not want to be bothered. So, I do not want to
    go out at all only to go for groceries etc. Right now I want to concentrate on my and not interested in dating, I have been burned more then once so I am tired with the whole game. I know god knows this is the right direction to take, for if he wanted my life partner to appear, he would have done it already. He knows how the world is today.


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