Weekend Horoscope: Fulfill the Yearning

Fulfill the Yearning

Expand Your Physical and Mental Horizons

The New Moon in Sagittarius kindles a desire to pursue experiences that will expand your mental or physical horizons. Travel, higher education, spirituality, or cultural activities are some of the ways to fulfill this yearning. Supportive aspects from enlightening Uranus and motivating Mars indicate that your pursuit could be life-changing. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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The New Moon kindles your spontaneity and spirit of independence. You might decide to take a spur-of-the-moment journey or you could enroll in a class or workshop that will broaden your view of the world. An equally adventurous love interest or friend might decide to join in on the fun.


The New Moon gives your emotional life (and even your sex life) a jolt of excitement. Emotions are likely to be revealed that will come as a pleasant surprise. These emotional thrills are very stimulating. A romp in the bedroom or vigorous exercise will prove to be a refreshing outlet.


The New Moon brings exciting, new beginnings to both friendship and relationships. An exciting romance could take a more serious turn. Or you could meet a quirky new friend or love interest who is destined to play a significant role in your life. Make yourself available to make new connections.


The New Moon in expansive Sagittarius can help to jump-start your career. This is an ideal time to pursue a new opportunity, especially one that is cutting edge or that makes use of the latest technology. Your motivation to succeed runs deep, so you have the stamina to keep plugging away at success.


The New Moon brings excitement and adventure to romance and other pleasurable pursuits. Someone marching to the beat of his or her own drum could potentially rock your world. Creative pursuits could be equally thrilling. Don’t be shy. Go for what you want!


The New Moon points to a fresh beginning in your home and family life. Unexpected emotional or financial support could allow you to make an exciting, new change. There is no time for hesitation or second-guessing. Be prepared to act quickly, as the window of opportunity could be brief.


The New Moon is enlivening your communications and interactions with people in your immediate surroundings. You are more assertive than usual, so you will find it easy to initiate conversations and get-togethers with friends and loved ones. This can be a busy time, so plan your schedule wisely.


The New Moon could present a sudden opportunity to increase your income, but it might involve employing your skills in an unusual way. Keep an open mind about working in a way that is different from what you are accustomed to. It pays to try new things and to be flexible.


Your birthday season is in full swing and the New Moon in your sign encourages you to set your intentions and personal goals for the year ahead. This is an exciting time for you that promises romance and other delights, though you might need to step away from your usual friends to enjoy them.


You need to take a time out. The New Moon might provide unusual ways to rest, reflect, and regenerate. An impromptu gathering of friends and family could be just the pick-me-up you need to kickstart your inner healing and emotional reboot.


The New Moon, in adventurous Sagittarius, is heating up your social life! This is a great time to do something fun with your usual friends, as well as to meet exciting, new acquaintances. The people that you spend time with now are sure to broaden your perspective and expose you to unusual lifestyles.


The New Moon, in expansive Sagittarius, is energizing your professional life and that’s a good thing because a battle around finances is pushing your to explore your options. An opportunity involving the Internet, technology, or other cutting edge advances could hold the key to a new line of income.

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