Your Weekend Horoscope: Big Ideas and Bold Gestures

Optimistic and Energetic

You can expect big ideas, bold gestures, and the motivation to expand upon whatever you are doing because assertive Mars is in sync with enthusiastic Jupiter. This optimistic and high-energy time invites you to do things in a grand way. Don’t underestimate yourself by playing small. Go all out! Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You talk a good game when it comes to relationships and you are saying that you are ready for more. Does that mean more commitment or a wider variety of partners to choose from? Perhaps you can have it all, just not with every person who seems like good relationship material.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you are ready to do some serious spending. Fortunately, you feel motivated to take on as much work as you need to in order to pay for what you want. Employment that you secure now could bring better hours, better pay, and a pleasant work environment.


Big romance, big creativity, and big entertainment should be on your agenda. You have a lot of energy, so you can probably fit in a lot of really cool activities. You are ready for more of whatever it is that brings you pleasure. There is certainly no such thing as too much fun!


Your energy is geared toward low-keyed activities and chilling out at home, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t motivated to get things done. This is a great time to work on yourself and to make improvements in your home. Of all the signs, you certainly get the most out of nesting.


You could spend more time making plans and talking about what you want to do than actually doing things. You will need to prioritize your schedule pretty quickly if you want to make something happen. Be careful that a friend doesn’t push you to commit to more activities than you can manage.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are making big financial moves. Whether you are aggressively earning or spending, you are handling your money like a high roller. Just make sure that your actions are aligned with your long-term security. Otherwise, you could soon be back to living small.


Spending time outdoors or traveling to an interesting destination will appeal to you now. You literally want to stretch your legs and explore new terrain. However, if you are more of an armchair adventurer, settle in with a thrilling film or an exciting novel. Just go for activities that give you a new perspective on life.


A positive emotional outlook can make you super appealing. Remember, it isn’t just about your appearance. It’s also enthusiasm and a spirited attitude that will turn people on. You can certainly sex it up by letting someone get a glimpse of your inner life. It will also change the way they look at you.


Don’t go it alone this weekend. Instead, let an energetic friend or loved one take the lead in planning fun activities. You certainly could meet some interesting, new people who are different from your usual crowd. Some might hail from different countries or backgrounds. Isn’t it time you expanded your social circle?


You have big plans for your career and this is the ideal time to set them into motion. The efforts you make now to move things forward will certainly lay the foundation for your success. Fortunately, you also feel pretty motivated to do the grunt work that will ultimately get you noticed.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you will feel motivated to share more of who you are with the people you care about. You also might want to take someone special to a place that holds meaning for you or you might want to introduce them to a favorite artistic or athletic pastime.


If you devote yourself to family activities it could yield a pleasant surprise. You could receive a gift, financial support, or you might discover that someone close to you has your back on an important matter. You won’t have to venture far from home to get what you need.

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