Your Weekend Horoscope: Getting Things Right

Getting Things Right

Your Weekend Horoscope

Venus and Mars joined in perfectionist Virgo make you super passionate about getting things right. This bodes well for work, but can put too much pressure on romance. An alignment between the Sun and magical Neptune heightens the imagination and intuition and ushers in a welcome wave of compassion. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that your intuition is spot on! Your mate might be shocked at your ability to hone in on his or her true feelings. Trust your hunches, dreams and insights, as they could provide the answer to a dilemma that you are facing now.


Your ruler, Venus, joined with Mars in your romance zone, brings big-time pleasure to dating and relationships. The focus is on strengthening your friendship and participating in an activity that you both enjoy. Single Taureans could meet someone new, but you need to be out and about to make a connection.


You have a keen sense of where your life is headed and how to move toward attaining your goals. This is due, in no small part, to the security and happiness provided by your home and family life. This is a great time to celebrate the people who support you and make life easier.


Connecting with your spiritual side will provide the wisdom that you crave and help to unlock your true purpose. This is a great time to find a teacher or guide who can support you in upgrading your connection with your higher self. Give your soul the solace it seeks.


Your ruler, the Sun, aligned with mystical Neptune, allows you to connect with your closest loved ones in a deeper way. You feel like you really get them and this makes it easy for you to be attentive to their needs. They are also more eager to offer you emotional support.


Relationships have been challenging lately, but your Weekend Horoscopes indicates that you will find it easier to understand where your mate is coming from. This insight improves communication between you and helps to get things on the right track. Your confidence is high, so don’t be afraid to be assertive.


Your ruler Venus, joined with Mars, makes you pretty passionate about a person or a project, but no one would know because you are playing it cool as a cucumber. For now, it is best to keep your actions and interests concealed, so that no one interferes with what you are doing.


The Sun in your sign, aligned with magical Neptune, highlights both romance and creativity. Under this influence, you feel a mystical connection with your mate or favorite date. You feel equally plugged in to any artistic projects that you are working on now. This compassionate vibe promotes deep connection.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you need time on your own for deep introspection. It is great that you are seeking your own answers to personal questions. However, a family member with whom you share a deep bond could provide invaluable insight that will help you on your quest.


This weekend is all about spending time with friends. You grow when you collaborate with others and you feel inspired by the exchange of energy and ideas. You will feel especially drawn to people who share your interest in mysticism, healing or the arts. Be open to new insights.


The Sun, aligned with Neptune, opens the door to prosperity when you seek to use money in a way that benefits everyone involved. Be on the lookout for ways to circulate cash in a higher way. What you give is what you get. Find a way to pay it forward.


The Sun aligned with your ruler, Neptune, allows your most positive qualities to shine. Your empathy, compassion and artistry are on display for all to see. You always bring a little special something to whatever it is that you do. The people around you benefit from you being you!

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