Your Weekend Horoscope: A Push Toward Change

A Push Toward Change

Your Weekend Horoscope

A partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo will empower you to develop more methodical and efficient ways to handle things in the area of your life affected by this energy. Eclipses tend to “clip something away,” so don’t be surprised if an unexpected development pushes you toward change. Your sign will reveal how you will experience this energy. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Being reckless or in too much of a hurry could make you vulnerable to illness or injury. This is an ideal time to review how you are attending to your health. Don’t wait for an accident to happen to make the life changes that will support your well-being both now and in the future.


In matters pertaining to romance, creativity, and children, your approach has been one of fits and starts. It is difficult to sustain progress when you fail to be persistent. Tap into your trademark determination and try a more steadfast approach. Both you and the people and projects you care about deserve more commitment.


A long-term plan pertaining to your home and family could prove to be too unstable or unusual to be worthwhile. Your circumstances may demand that you aim for something that is a bit more practical. Attend to present concerns first and then you can rethink your strategy for the future.


You might discover that you are behind the curve in your industry, thus prompting you to upgrade your knowledge or communication skills in order to keep up with the latest advances in your profession. Be mindful that a lack of attention to the details doesn’t hinder your chances for success.


A sudden change in rules or regulations could cause chaos with money matters. Better organization of your financial affairs and closer attention to detail will be required to keep things on track. You might need to consult with a fiscal professional in order to get matters properly sorted out.


The Solar Eclipse in your sign prompts you to remember some of your trademark characteristics and put them to use. Being more methodical, organized and steadfast will help you become less dependent upon supporters and allies who are often unreliable and unpredictable. Get back to looking after yourself.


This can be a stressful weekend (especially if you are dealing with the wacky antics of a close friend or partner), so you might require a little extra downtime. Power down, silence your cell phone, and take time to rest and recharge. Hanging out in nature will be healing and restorative.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that your plans to spend time with friends could be sidelined by an unexpected work issue or a sudden development with your health. This is probably a minor event, but it could mean that your plans won’t proceed as scheduled. Be sure to have a backup.


You are pretty intent on making the right impression in your professional world. However, your reputation could take a hit when you let your freak flag fly. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself as you really are, but make sure that a report of unusual behavior doesn’t reach the wrong ears.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a desire to expand your horizons and to widen your world view. This is definitely a noble quest and in pursuing it you may realize how a certain wacky childhood belief or tradition has corrupted your viewpoint. You will need to release an old belief in order to accept a new one.


You are all about deepening your connections with others and being open to what they have to offer. The task might be harder than you think when you realize that you have to watch what you say around certain people lest they take it the wrong way. What’s more important, freedom or friendship?


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that partnerships take center stage. Whether the connection is business or pleasure, unexpected expenses that you incur could have you questioning the balance of give and take in your relationship. Similarly, a disconnect in values could be a source of trouble. Strive to get on the same page.

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