Your Weekend Horoscope: Ask for What You Want

Ask for What You Want

Weekend Horoscope

Everyone’s luck gets a boost as clever Mercury joins fortuitous Jupiter. Wherever this advantageous conjunction falls in your chart is where you can reap good fortune. Just remember that you will need to ask for what you want! Check your sign to find out where you can get lucky.

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Mercury and Jupiter, joined in the zone that rules entertainment, provide a number of interesting ways to have fun this weekend. Going out on a date, participating in a creative activity, or attending a sporting event are amongst the options. You’ll be more focused on work soon, so enjoy yourself now.


Mercury and Jupiter, joined in your domestic sector, brings a lucky break on the home front. You might receive good news pertaining to a move or another change that you are making in your family life. Your weekend horoscope indicates that this could be your last chance to act on a particular opportunity.


Your innate eloquence is empowered as your ruler, Mercury, joins Jupiter in your communication zone. It is easy to express yourself whether you are having a casual conversation, speaking publicly, or working on a writing project. The universe responds when you state your intent and articulate your desires.


Mercury and Jupiter, joined in your financial sector, brings positive energy to money matters. This is an ideal time to negotiate and to initiate action that could potentially increase your income. The time has come to seal the deal and to prepare for the next phase of development.


Mercury and Jupiter, joined in your sign, enhance your natural charm and makes you extremely talkative. If you need to request a favor, you might get what you want, as people will find it hard to say no to you. Use your powers for good. Ask for something that will benefit both yourself and others.


A lucky meeting between your ruler, Mercury, and fortuitous Jupiter in your subconscious sector, helps you to uncover hidden talents and gifts. Follow your hunches and pay attention to dreams and sudden insights, as they will yield valuable clues regarding an ability that is waiting to be cultivated.


Your social life sizzles as Mercury joins Jupiter in your friendship zone. It is likely that you will connect with an interesting person who be of great benefit to you either now or in the future. Work your connections and seek out the company of those individuals who can make a positive impact in your life.


Your weekend horoscope indicates that a conversation with an influential figure could help to open doors in your career. Time is running out. If there is someone whom you have been thinking of reaching out to, do it now. It could be a while before this sort of opportunity comes around again.


A meeting between Mercury and your ruler, Jupiter, inspires a quest for knowledge. This is a great time to take a weekend workshop or to pursue an experience that will enrich your view of the world. What you learn now will benefit you in the weeks and months ahead.


Your weekend horoscope shows major support from the people around you due to the lucky Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in your house of shared resources. This could be your last chance to avail yourself of someone’s time or their financial or emotional support. If you need help, ask for it before this window of opportunity closes for good.


Mercury and Jupiter, joined in your house of committed partnerships, signals that it is time to seal the deal on an important relationship and take things to the next level. This is a fortuitous time to make a commitment and move things forward. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Mercury and Jupiter, joined in your work sector, could bring a lucky break in employment. You might receive good news regarding a new job or a promotion. If you have been angling for either one, this is an ideal time to initiate action to secure what you want.

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