Your Weekend Horoscope: Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want

Your Weekend Horoscope

With the Sun (identity), Mercury (communication), and Mars (action) all meeting in steadfast and sensual Taurus, the focus is on identifying what you desire, figuring out a way to acquire it, and taking action to achieve your goal. Whether your passion is love or money, you won’t stop until you get what you want! Here’s your weekend horoscope!

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Your weekend horoscope indicates that money or the acquisition of something precious is your motivation. Chances are that what you desire is something that will provide you with a feeling of security. Be mindful that you don’t cut corners or break any laws in the pursuit of your desire.


With so many planets in your sign, you are motivated, energized, and bringing your A-game. Your strength will more than make up for any deficit caused by someone who isn’t providing the support you were expecting or that was promised. Don’t worry, Taurus. You’ve got this!


You are taking it easy and giving yourself a chance to relax and recharge. However, just because you are keeping your activities to a minimum, it doesn’t mean that your head isn’t still in the game. You are merely keeping a low profile as you plot your next move. Enjoy the downtime!


With so many planets in your social sector, this is likely to be a busy weekend. Take advantage of an opportunity to connect with a group or to spend time with a close friend. These interactions are likely to motivate and inspire you and may help you to make progress with an important project.


When the door of opportunity opens, you don’t hesitate to push your way through. This weekend may provide a chance to show an influential figure how much you have to offer. Just be careful not to promise more than you can deliver and don’t come on too strong.


The geek in you is turned on by acquiring new knowledge or upgrading your skill set. This is a great time to take a workshop or to travel to a destination that will teach you something new. Information and wisdom are never wasted on you, as you always find a way to put them to good use.


Your weekend horoscope reveals a desire to have a life-transforming experience. You want to do more, feel more, and think more deeply about what’s happening in your life. Find someone to spend time with who can match your intensity and who doesn’t mind exploring territory that some might find taboo.


Just about everything you want to do will require the participation of a partner or ally. Find someone to pair up with to participate in a favorite activity or to get a job done. Whether the connection is personal or strictly business, consider this a chance to hone your relationship skills.


A meeting of planets in your house of work indicates that you are occupied with taking care of business. This sector also rules health, so you could be busy exercising or participating in other healthy activities. In either case, your activities support your well-being and prepare you for the week ahead.


Your weekend horoscope shows you working hard at having fun. Whether you are on a date, participating in an athletic or creative activity, or spending time with children, you are giving 100% of your attention to what you’re doing. You don’t do anything halfway and those you spend time with appreciate that.


Your home or that of a close relative is likely to be the center of activity, as loved ones come together to celebrate or to collaborate on a big project. There is no better time to get your family and friends to join together and work for the common good.


Your communication and negotiation skills are on a fire! If you have a message to deliver to someone or to the world at large, there is no better time than the present to make your point. Activities related to writing, learning, and public speaking are also favored now.

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