Your Weekend Horoscope: Big Ideas and Bold Plans

Your Weekend Horoscope: Big Ideas and Bold Plans

Follow-Through and Your Weekend Horoscope

When Mercury, in progressive Aquarius, opposes exuberant Jupiter in Leo, there are a lot of big ideas and bold plans being bounced around, but follow-through may be lacking. Under this influence people tend to overlook details and overestimate the scope of their abilities. Enjoy the high-minded chatter, but don’t take it to heart.

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You are eagerly writing a current love interest into your future, talking about the things that you will do together and what your shared life will look like. It’s great to be enthusiastic. However, you could jump out of this romance as quickly as you jumped in. Be careful not to lead your partner on.


Someone may give you a lot of bright ideas about ways to take your career in a more progressive direction. Research the information further and determine whether it is applicable to what you want do. And while he or she might promise to help, don’t be surprised if they drop the ball.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals a desire to pursue an experience that increases your knowledge or improves upon your skill set. Your quest becomes overly complicated when you add too many options or overload yourself with information. If you are in over your head, connect with an insightful friend who can give you clarity.


The Moon in your sign makes you keenly aware of your feelings and you want to communicate them to others. You may be inclined to discuss matters that other people think are taboo. Before you reveal too much, make sure that your listener feels comfortable with this level of intimate sharing.


A partner or close friend has a lot to say and may spend hours discussing his or her ideas. Even if you find the conversation interesting, at some point you may find it too much. Pointing him or her toward another source of information may let you off the hook.


Figuring out how complex matters work and successfully applying new techniques gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction. You can make some progress in this regard, but be careful not to overestimate what you can do. If you are working under a deadline, seek support from a skillful friend.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that despite a desire to pursue solo entertainment or spend time with your favorite date, you may commit to doing something with a bunch of friends. A group gathering may be too much to deal with now. Strive for more low-key fun.


You are all set to work on a big career goal or project, but non-stop activity on the home front may prove to be a major distraction. Deal with more immediate concerns first. Getting things done at home will free you up to brainstorm later without distraction.


You are in the zone when it comes to projects relating to communication, learning or teaching. You have a lot of inventive ideas and you can express them in a creative way. The only drawback is that you might spread yourself too thin. Take a single idea to completion rather than juggling multiple projects.


Your Weekend Horoscope points to a need to get money matters in order. This is a great time to create a budget and to evaluate your long-term financial plans. You may be tempted to take out a loan or to ask for more credit, but you should be careful that this doesn’t increase your debt.


You are a wealth of information and you are eager to share some of your more progressive ideas and plans with others. When your audience goes silent, it might be a sign that they’ve heard enough. Read a book or write down your ideas. Sometimes your brilliance is best kept to yourself.


You are silently obsessing over something and just can’t seem to change your train of thought. Consider whether there is any real value in exploring these ideas further. If not, then get some exercise or try focusing your attention on a task that will take you out of your head.

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