Your Weekend Horoscope for October 17 – 19, 2014

Time to Seek Harmony

Your Weekend Horoscope: Time to Seek Harmony

A meeting of the personal planets in relationship-minded Libra gets support from sexual Mars, bringing partnerships into sharp focus this weekend. Now is the time seek harmony. Check out your Weekend Horoscope!

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There is more tranquility in your close relationships now, both personal and professional. This easygoing vibe allows you and your partner to stop analyzing the relationship and just enjoy being in each other’s company. Make it a priority to spend time doing something you both enjoy.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are perfectly in sync with the work that you are doing now. You should find it easy to find some aspect that you’re really into and that you can easily push to the next stage of development. Seeing tangible results brings an immense feeling of satisfaction.


Your vibe is warm and outgoing and you intend to make the most of your weekend! Whether you connect with your favorite date or spend time enjoying a favorite athletic or artistic activity, you bring joy and enthusiasm to everyone around you. Your cheerful demeanor may attract a new, love interest.


You are in your element as you enjoy the comforts of home or spend time caring for the people whom you are closest to. Cleaning and beautifying your space is a priority, as well as treating loved ones to their favorite comfort foods. Nesting nurtures you and recharges you for the week ahead.


A constant demand for advice might be an annoyance to some, but you feel good when others seek your opinion. You come alive when you are given free rein to share your thoughts and ideas. Expect a lot of calls and emails this weekend from people looking for info and guidance.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that this might be a good time to ask for a raise or to pursue an opportunity that would increase your cash flow. The planets are positioned to attract what you need, but if you’re not careful you could spend what you gain just as easily!


Getting a lot of attention, Libra? It’s because your charm is showing. You are feeling pretty good about yourself and this brings tremendous harmony to your relationships and everything that you are doing now. This weekend you can make a lot of progress on an important, personal goal.


Meditation, therapy or spending time in quiet contemplation can bring answers to questions that are important for your personal growth. Look beyond the surface in your quest to discover what really makes you tick. The phrase “still waters run deep” applies specifically to you, Scorpio!


People enjoy being around you and that is likely to make you a highly sought-after guest this weekend. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and to get involved with interesting group activities. The people that you connect with may inspire you in unexpected ways!


People are paying attention to the career moves you are making. You have the connections needed to take things to the next level, but before you take a leap, do your homework. Gather intel about the competition. Knowing who and what you’re up against helps you to correctly plot your course.


A superficial understanding of life is not enough to satisfy you. Big questions require thoughtful and deep answers. Turn to a spiritual guide or teacher for inspiration and help. What you learn will enable you to understand your current life path and to refine your goals and priorities.


You crave deep, emotional bonding as well as intense, physical interaction. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you can strengthen a bond with a lover and cement your romance. If you’re single, it may be time to learn the difference between what you’re attracted to and what actually fulfills you in a partner.

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