Your Weekend Horoscope for June 27 – 29, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Paused Emotions

You’ll need to prepare for a challenging weekend with a New Moon on Friday and the moon being void of course on Saturday as it moves from Cancer to Leo. Mother Nature hits the pause button on our emotions, giving us a minute to reflect on and then unload all the tension, worry and problems we might be dealing with. Use that period as a resting space so you can regain your energy before the workweek starts. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Dumping your emotions on your loved one does not come easy for you, but you are given a free pass this time, so say what you want, get it out of the way and then have some fun.


Mixing the watery energy of the Cancer Moon with your dense earth energy creates some mud puddles that need to be cleaned up, according to your Weekend Horoscope. It’s a good time to pay attention and reward those who help you get unstuck.


No doubt, it has been hectic for you over the past few months. Some things are tied up and still need to be addressed so you can clear out old karmic energy. Support in doing these projects is available, so be sure to use the help that is offered.


Packing and moving are not Cancer’s favorite things, yet there is joy during this new adventure to old places where friends and good fortune await you. Work is going to be very busy with different paths, and you’ll come to a fork in the road.


Sunday is your day of awakening. Feeling drained by stagnation, you are uplifted and transported to a spiritual place where you find new people to associate with and the doors of opportunities opened.


Smiling and enjoying life on your own terms is the theme of your Weekend Horoscope. As you stop to reflect on where you were, where you would be if not for all who love you, and where you are, a realization of prosperity and love enter your heart.


Making a name for yourself in your community has come full circle. You are one of the hardest workers they’ve known in a long time. The accolades and awards are on their way and you’ll rejoice in the positive vibrations.


There is a trade show going on in your area, and attending it will be inspiring and bring you good fortune. New ideas light a fire under you.


Movies, cooking, and taking the kids to their activities make for a busy few days. Actually, “busy” doesn’t even begin to describe it! Drink plenty of water, meditate and focus. On Sunday night you get to put your feet up and relax.


All your planning has manifested and your life is coming together. Plan A has been accomplished and Plan B is in the works. It looks like you’re successfully climbing the mountain. Adding something new to the mix at this time is okay. There is room for one more.


After this breakup, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is not as easy as it used to be. Get the help you need from friends and family. Sometimes reaching out is better than trying to mend on your own.


Saturday is a very physical day with activities to take part in that will give you a sense of strength. This weekend, challenge yourself to new ways of thinking and take part in something unusual.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for June 27 – 29, 2014

  1. LJ

    You better not go anywhere; you’re an inspiration to many – including myself. I’m ready for that fork in the road. Many blessings 🙂
    xo LJ

  2. peyton x5312

    Quinn, Thank you for your gift. I will miss my Friday updates. Sending you the best for your next chapter!! xo

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Dear Weekend Readers,
    It has been a pleasure to be able to write this horoscope over the past (almost) three years.
    I have enjoyed the comments and thoughts so many of your have posted.

    Mark from the UK, a big hug…
    Peyton, Faith, Miss Krystal, Gina Rose, LJ Innes, Bella, you all are a joy in my life.
    Thank you for your attention and comments…

    I am not going anywhere – I will be right here, just shifting gears and writing other things outside the astrology box, sometimes inside the box…

    Look for my articles on 7/6 and 7/29.
    These are about love and relationships…

    Have an incredible weekend. I love you all.
    Buddha Bless,


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