Your Weekend Horoscope for March 7 – 9, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Complex Conversations

Wake up, everyone! The earth is moving and we are getting ready to give things a good shake with beauty and creative energy. Our powers are enhanced and our potential is brought to the forefront. We are motivated to think more, work smarter and make some time for pleasure. This weekend is a free-flowing, free-spirited time where we unleash our inhibitions and get our groves going. With a Pisces Sun and a Gemini Moon be prepared for a faster pace and conversations that are more complex.

You can easily navigate those complex conversations if you know what they’ll say and how they’ll react. I can tell you what’s on their mind. Call me and find out today! 


Emotionally charged with a desire for love, this weekend is the cherry on the sundae. The person you met a few weeks ago accepts an invitation to join you for some fun. There is a surprise at the last minute, according to your Weekend Horoscope, so be prepared to experience something new.


With good energy, you embark on a creative project that has been shelved for way too long. Per your Weekend Horoscope, you’ll find the pace of the weekend to be a little faster than usual and this makes you move to a different drummer. Enjoy this new beat!


Scattered and torn apart, your heart seems shattered. Love is grand but you are hurting more than you ever have. With loved ones around you find the strength to pull it together and find peace of mind within your spirit. There is more love coming your way.


Hearing about an old flame getting married gives you a boost to get up and out of the house this weekend. Your Weekend Horoscope looks bright even with the news of love lost forever. You forge forward, finding happiness at the end of the rainbow.


Elevating your life condition has taken some time and now you get to reap the rewards for your hard work. There is a breeze in the air that moves you romantically, according to you Weekend Horoscope. A song in your heart pushes you to take the stage at the karaoke bar.


This is a very exciting time of year for you as unearthed energy rises to the surface and this accelerated feeling adds to your free-flowing nature. Getting outside to plant seeds and prepare for the spring puts a smile on your face.


The quickening motions appear out of the corner of your eye, like fluttering butterflies and birds showing sings of movement after such a dormant period. You are making some moves too! If you go with the flow, the natural vibrations will serve you well.


Peeling back the layers of your emotional and spiritual energy is your project this weekend, according to your Weekend Horoscope. The creative juices are flowing, while plans and goals are listed in order of importance. You’re ready to roll and make it all happen!


Go with the flow, dear Sagittarius. Do not allow others to pigeonhole you. Have your say. If you are not being listened to then you must take the reigns and flow with the current that you are riding. Accomplishing what must be done is done.


Saturday is a day where you must stay within your body. Astral traveling and mind wandering will not serve you. Hunker down and clean the house and the yard. The cars need a good wash too. You’ll have help with the jobs that must be done.


You’ll be rolling, according to your Weekend Horoscope, whether it be in the car, on skates, on a bike or motorcycle. Take your camera with you! The sights will be incredible and your artistic nature will be on the rise while you’re on the road.


Time escapes you this weekend because you’ll be having so much fun. Dancing seems like a perfect addition to the other plans that have been made a few weeks ago. Although you are not one for planning too far in advance, these plans work out splendidly.

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    This is what I was going to do..but after all that I have to go a party were I don’t really know these people my husband does…. How such I go into this.


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