Was the Tsunami Predicted in the Stars?

When you read about the tsunami’s astrological charts, you will see many comments by astrologers focused on Neptune in Square to the Moon—the god of the sea in a difficult aspect to the Moon ruling the tides—as well we should. We could see huge events happening that would have major impact that none of us have seen before, from 2008 through 2013 in particular, and this could very easily reflect a tsunami. They reflect the Great Cycles of the Mayans, Greeks and Indians, in that the star Alcyone recently moved into the modern sign of Gemini.

The big problem was determining exactly when and where these events would take place, and many astrologers are busily doing research into new and old areas of our craft to better see and plan for events and save lives. Our psychics are “in tune” with these energies and it is certain that many have been disturbed by what they are feeling, and many may have even foreseen a location. Interestingly, intuitives/psychics will tell you that the pictures they see and voices they hear are sometimes difficult to place amongst the “noise” of daily life on our planet.

What’s interesting is what was happening overhead in the sky where the earthquake took place. The Moon, the very fast-moving “game changer” in life, was tightly aligned with the Pleiades, the cluster of stars representing the brilliance of the feminine and intuitive side of us.

The highly intuitive ancient Celts forbade women to sew when the Pleiades were dominant, as they believed that the “thread of life” could be broken. Women’s work needed to stop, and one might logically realize that this would certainly free wise women to intuit what needed to be done to protect the community at such a time.

Alcyone, the most prominent star of the Pleiades asterism (group of stars) is one of the “Seven Sisters,” and her great power is a piercing view of the future. While her “Cassandra-like” words might be uncomfortable at times, they are so important to heed—they can truly save lives and allow a person to make the most positive choices in life. When astrologers look at the other stars and planets important in this chart, there is a Very clear message: Listen to women and psychics—really! It is about protection of people in general and preserving our wonderful home, Planet Earth!

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3 thoughts on “Was the Tsunami Predicted in the Stars?

  1. misskrystal

    Very interesting. Is it a strange thing that the sun and mars are both in pisces, a water sign? It’s definitely interesting, while some astrologers may not say that matters, the sea is water-why? I don’t think any of us can really answer “why”-of course there are all kind of responses, opinions, etc. With the element of water also comes mystery-I can’t answer why these types of things happen, and even though a lot of us can feel quakes and other natural forces coming, I still feel there is a mystery to it all…No doubt, that Hawaii was spared, and I am sure there are many people out there having opinions as to why Hawaii was spared. Also, the Pacific coast of this country was spared, even though there was still impact in N. California. I am not sure if Astrology, or anything else could really answer as to why this all happened this way.

    It breaks my heart to see what is going on in Japan. I had the time of life there, one of the greatest cities I had ever been connected with. A major highlight of my life that was good for my soul. I was treated so well– spending a lot of time in Yokohama, Tokyo and Kamakura. My father lived in Japan, during the war, and learned how to speak to Japanese. The international and human understanding that I found, in Japan, was beyond words. By far the most immaculate place– perhaps on Earth. Even the gutters were clean, you could see little colored fishies floating around and, the gutter even glistened. Honest to God. The Japanese admire this country, and it was very obvious the way they treated me. They are also totally open minded and open to metaphysical discussions. I pray for this country, and, one thing I noticed, when I was there, I felt like I was in the future-So high Tech, it’s like the feeling of what this country could look like- maybe ten or twenty years from now. So going on that, I predict that this classy, brilliant and evolved country, will come back, re-established and more high tech than you could ever imagine. If any country would know how to make a huge come back, with rebuilding and production, it would be the Japanese. God Bless Japan.
    Sincerely, Miss Krystal

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Cool article…….

    I believe that everything happening now, was predicted by the stars.

    ( I predicted, and posted in here, that this year, globally speaking, would be a very rough year. )

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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