Venus Portends Romance

Spontaneity, friendly gatherings and all things weird can electrify romance with Venus transiting back into Aquarius. From January 18 to February 10, 2010, this unconventional influence will prompt some intriguing hook-ups, especially if you crave something (or someone) new and different in your love life.

As a highly social sign, Aquarius energy runs the spectrum of social conduct, from brilliantly unique to outlandishly strange. Its influence can bring out your inner social butterfly — it’s the sign of friendship, after all – or can prompt some outlandish behavior that no one sane can relate to. Not that Venus in Aquarius is likely to evoke such extremes, unless you’re prone to such extremes to begin with.

Best Friends Forever
How do you take advantage of this unusual influence? To begin with, focusing on the friendships within your relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, can strengthen your connections. Remember, friendships are usually more objective and less likely to get ensnared in webs of jealousy, secrecy or control issues. Aquarius inspires true camaraderie, a relationship of equals that supports who you are, without judgment or expectations. That’s a tall order to fill in any intimate relationship. What couple doesn’t suffer the pangs of jealously and such, at one time or another? So take a page from Aquarius’ book and see your partner as an individual, not someone to fulfill your personal agenda.

Electrifying Connections
But where’s the romance, you ask? Well, Aquarius is anything but dull, both in and out of the sack. That’s because it’s ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and excitement. The allure of love-at-first-sight is the domain of Uranus. If this influence brings two people together, it can be a compelling attraction that’s hard to resist. During Venus in Aquarius, look for romance during group activities, community events and match-ups through friends.

Change Things Up
If you’re already paired, Venus in Aquarius can prompt you to spice up your relationship, should you be stuck in a rut. Why not try a new restaurant, activity or sexual technique to shake things up? Surprising your partner with a spontaneous date, change of style, expression of feelings or sexy romp can be incredibly energizing. If you want a forever-after scenario with your sweetie, you’ll need to rekindle the passion with some ingenuity — a natural Aquarius talent — when the things get dull.

Universal Love
Because Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood/sisterhood, it inspires a sense of connectedness among us, no matter our race, religion or culture. Although we may seem different on the outside, our humanity binds us together at a spiritual level. That’s why Aquarius is the sign of the activist, who works to change inequitable policies throughout the world. Perhaps best of all, Venus in Aquarius can inspire a love within you that transcends the personal and reaches out to all. That’s the highest manifestation of Aquarius.

Significant Venus influences
Take note of the following Venus influences, which can support, inspire or temporarily derail your relationships:

January 21: Venus trine Saturn supports relationship commitments. It can help stabilize your relationship if you’re going through a rough patch, and help you create a compromise you can both live with. For artists, this influence assists with the practical side of your work, like goal-setting, designing a website and creating a business plan.

January 26: Venus opposing Mars takes lusty encounters over the top. It can also create a divide between the sexes, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Compromise will be nearly impossible as me-versus-we conflicts unhinge relationships. It’s a terrific influence, however, for energizing your creativity.

February 7: Venus conjunct Neptune casts a dreamy spell over romantic trysts. As idealism runs high, heart-to-heart connections, both passionate and platonic, can bring joy. But you’ll need to watch out for disillusionment if your expectations get out of control. Deception and secrecy can complicate interactions as well. On the positive side, this influence can heighten the spiritual connections in your relationships. It can also inspire great works of art.

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