Your Venus Love Horoscope for September 2013

Venus in Libra

In September we continue to find Venus in Libra, the partnership sign. This is one of her domains and where she is most at home and in control. Compared to last month’s square with Pluto and opposition to Uranus, this month Venus in Libra is fairly quiet and no doubt resting after her recent encounters. Here is your love horoscope.

Venus in Scorpio

On the 11th Venus enters into Scorpio where she has the ability to transform your love life. Here Venus can be sexy, vixen-like, savvy and sometimes calculating. Think Xena Warrior Princess with perfume on. Let me show you what I mean:

• On the 13th Venus trines Neptune in Pisces. A highly-romantic underwater encounter awaits.

• On the 18th Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. It’s a powerful union where business comes first, but a lot of fun comes afterward.

• Also on the 18th, Venus expresses her freedom of choice when she decides that an agreement needs to be more mutually beneficial. She’s a staunch negotiator.

• On the 26th Venus forms an angle to Jupiter in Cancer—another ethereal, water-world encounter that leaves them both speechless. Maybe that’s because they’re too busy smooching.

• On the 28th Venus squares off with Mars in Leo. She has no room in her life for jealousy—holding on too tight can become smothering.

So what else does Venus have in store for your love horoscope this September? Let’s see:


Venus stays focused on your love life and partnerships through the 10th. When she moves into Scorpio, the cards are on the table and you now have the ability to transform your relationship(s) for the better.


Love in the first half of September could feel habitual and predictable, but after the 11th you’ll be ready to shake things up and inject a little spice into your love life, strengthening the bond.


What you lack in available time for love, you make up for in creativity while Venus is in Libra. After the 11th, things settle down a bit giving you the time to give your love nest a sexy makeover.


Your Venus love horoscope is in need of a little jolt. So now that you’ve rearranged your bedroom using feng shui, get out and get flirty. After the 11th go on a date with your lover. If single, you may meet someone new.


Hopefully while Venus is in Libra you find time to take a short trip with a lover, rekindling the heart fires. After the 11th you’ll concentrate on your “love den,” making it a fabulously romantic escape.


All work and no play can make Virgo seem dull, but you’re not. You need love like everyone else. Once Virgo enters Scorpio you find love waiting for you, whether it’s new or it has always been there.


You’ve probably been spending some time updating your image lately, and after Venus enters Scorpio, you’ll likely be ready to showcase the newer, sexier you. You’ll certainly be attracting attention.

“Enjoy a date without worrying if your date is ‘the one.'” – Maryanne ext. 9146


You may start September lost in deep thought. When Venus enters your sign, the desire to have a completed love puzzle becomes strong. Whatever piece is missing, you’re sure to find it.


During the first half of September anything can happen in love—surprising moments and unexpected adventures—just the way you like it. You begin to experience love on a whole new level.

“A true love partner is possible. Together you and your psychic can seek the required groundwork.” – TeriLynn ext. 9625


You’ve put enough emphasis on your career, Capricorn. Your Venus Love Horoscope urges you to set some time aside to concentrate on love, romance and rekindling your love life.


Hopefully you’ve made time to get away from work. Doing so gives you a new perspective on love and the importance of making more room in your daily life for love and romance.


Venus in Libra may have brought a little gift to you and your partner. You and your lover could really benefit from a little trip away. While Venus is in Scorpio, taking a trip could transform your love life.

“If your love life is not alive with support, happiness and appreciation, seek the ‘why’ and ask your psychic.” – TeriLynn ext. 9625

16 thoughts on “Your Venus Love Horoscope for September 2013

  1. Bella

    Thank you however I’m still NOT FEELING OR SEEING THE LOVE WHEN IT COMES TO US CAPRICORNS lol lol I’m thinking MAYBE ITS WILL come late october early november before OUR EARTH MOVES UNDER MY FEET lol lol .. 🙂 thank you .. bella 🙂

  2. LJ

    I have read everyone’s comments and questions and it would be impossible to answer you without doing a private reading – if you can’t find the answers you seek within the article, that is the only thing that I can offer in the way of advice – my apologies – I know what it’s like to really want and need answers … there are plenty of gifted psychics on CaliforniaPsychics – and they want you to have all your answers too … that’s my advice to you – I would take the time to call and put your minds at ease, because that’s what answers do. Thank you for your readership and I look forward to writing more forecasts for you.
    Best of luck to all of you

  3. Lady Soul

    Will the man that is currently in my life be the one that I end up marrying and starting a family with? And will be finances improve. Lastly, will I get the job that I am currently pursuing?

  4. Alexandra

    Well, Tery Lynn;. being a Sagg. mid month is practically on way out, and no sign yet of that “possible” true love partner…actually, stars on my chart and sign have been promising, promising and that “true love partner” has not made his appearance…..not even spotted yet….!!! we are presently having floods (again) in Colorado, so meeting that someone under water…could still be a possibility…maybe while we both are being washed away…

  5. Tia Mitchell

    I am going thru alot in my life right now when will things get better???? My fiance is incarcerated when will he be home? Will we be reunited??? Please give me some answers IM so lost and confused..

  6. DonnaMarieFougere-Gaudet

    I’d really like to know about my love life as i”m making an out of Province move the 13th of October!! My current seperated husband is not comng with..We have had an incommunitive marriage in all ways possible..also finances after my move as very very tough at the moment!!



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