Venus Enters Pisces

Although Venus in Pisces is the soulmate ideal, it’s important to look at your relationships realistically. If you hide your head in the sand when problems arise, or tend to place your lover on a pedestal, you might attract someone who is less than trustworthy. Pisces is the sign of disillusionment, so keeping fantasy to a minimum by seeing the real person will help you find a long-lasting love.

Use Your Imagination
A little fantasy can fire up your relationship, as long as you both know it’s a fantasy. Some role-playing, complete with costumes and characterizations, can add some intrigue to your intimacy. Enjoying films and other forms of art together can boost your bond as well.

Express Your Compassion
Venus in Pisces can also bring out your desire to help others in need. Whereas Aquarius is the sign of the activist who wants to change the world for the better, Pisces empathizes with those less fortunate on an intuitive/emotional level. Experiencing all beings as part of one big spiritual family is perhaps the greatest blessing of Pisces.

Significant Venus Influences
Take note of the following Venus influences, which can support, inspire, or temporarily derail your relationships.

February 14 (afternoon): Venus conjunct Moon in Pisces heightens and sensitizes emotional interactions. It’s an excellent influence for fostering forgiveness, but it can also cause mixed messages, so it’s important to be honest about your feelings, motivations, and expectations. Meditation and other spiritual endeavors are favored.

February 16: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces takes romance to new heights. Look for love during spiritual and altruistic activities. If you’re already paired, discussing your spiritual connection, while understanding each other’s faults and forgiving past transgressions, will strengthen your relationship. Indulging in a mutual fantasy can add some pizzazz to your connection, too.

February 22 (afternoon): Venus square Moon in Gemini creates a conflict between feelings and intellect. It can cause fuzzy thinking and a denial of feelings. Acknowledging and analyzing what you’re feeling will heighten your emotional and mental clarity.

February 24 (evening): Venus trine Moon in Cancer increases and harmonizes the flow of feelings, making it easier to express yourself emotionally. Beautifying your home environment can bring satisfaction.

March 1 (morning): Venus opposing Moon in Virgo heightens feelings, often to an excessive degree. It can also create a conflict between practicality and idealism, especially in relationships.

March 3: Venus conjunct Uranus infuses romance with a whopping dose of sexual chemistry. It can prompt love-at-first-sight scenarios, along with some spontaneous (hasty?) hook-ups. Inspired works of art can also spring from this influence.

March 5 (evening): Venus trine Moon in Scorpio deepens the expression of feelings, often on a nonverbal level. Unconscious desires can simmer under the surface of your consciousness, waiting to be expressed. Feelings energize sexual encounters, as long as jealousy and power issues don’t take over.

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