Venus Enters Cancer

Romance rides on a wave of sensitivity as Venus enters homey Cancer on May 19, 2010. Between now and June 13, this influence encourages you to focus on the deeper emotional connections between you and your partner, friends and family. Cozy dates and family-oriented activities can bring delight. And because Venus artistry, you might get inspired to revamp your home décor to enhance your sense of style.

To discover how love and artistry will be flowing in your life, read your Sun and ascendant signs below:

Aries: Your fiery nature gets an infusion of emotional depth as you enjoy some homey dates with your sweetie and close friends. Renting a movie, cooking together, discussing your feelings and sharing family anecdotes can be especially fun. Creating a welcoming home ambiance and throwing a party will energize you as well.

Taurus: It’s time to verbalize what’s in your heart as Venus enhances your mental artistry. Flirting, heartfelt discussions and creative ideas will bring favorable results. Journaling can bring insights about romance and inspire your creativity. Travel is also favored, so why not take some time for a romantic or friendly getaway?

Gemini: As Venus blesses your sector of money and values, it’s time to get creative about your earning power. Networking with your contacts and brainstorming moneymaking ideas can open a financial door. In romance, sharing and discussing your values can improve your relationship. Getting outdoors to enjoy nature will inspire love as well.

Cancer: Venus transiting through your sign makes you a beacon for admirers, so be sure to let your personality shine during friendly gatherings. If you’re already paired, you’ll be inspired to express the romance in your heart and energize the connection with your partner. But it’s not just about romance — friends can bring joy to your heart as well.

Leo: Hidden desires can emerge as Venus illuminates your unconscious. You may also long for a spiritually connected relationship. Your intuition about love is strong now, and inner guidance can come through meditation and dreams. Reminiscing about the past and analyzing your former relationships bring insights that can improve your love life.

Virgo: Socializing brings in new friends and perhaps a romantic interlude, too. Group activities and community events present opportunities to meet people who have a strong affinity with you and can assist you in realizing your goals. If you’re already paired, participating in a group project together will energize your relationship.

: Venus in your career sector encourages you to network with friends and colleagues who can advance your career goals. People of a higher social status may enter your life now. Socializing with the right contacts and promoting your creativity will enhance your reputation. A colleague or career-related activity can bring romance.

Scorpio: As a fellow Water sign, Venus in Cancer brings out your deepest feelings and longings, while sensitizing you to the feelings of others. You have the ability to perceive the future of your love life now, so heed your inner voice. Spiritual and cultural activities will bring/inspire romance. A trip abroad may bring a romantic interlude, too!

Sagittarius: A lighthearted flirtation may deepen into a profound connection — if you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. Love can be somewhat tumultuous if you let control, secrecy or jealousy mess things up. As such, releasing resentment, anger and other negative emotions will open your heart and free up your sexual energy.

Capricorn: As Venus blesses your partnership sector, it’s time to focus on shared activities with your sweetie, especially those that bring you closer together. Venus will heighten the harmony between you and help you resolve any issues that come up. If you’re solo, socializing with close friends accelerates your change of meeting someone compatible.

Aquarius: It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. Love seems more illogical/instinctual now. You might be inspired to offer your time, money or expertise to someone close to you. A work project or gym flirtation can bring romance. Volunteering at a charity organization can bring a romantic prospect as well.

Pisces: You may have a constant stream of admirers as Venus lights up your love life. Look for romance during parties, concerts and other entertainment activities. If you’re already paired, some sexy, playful activities will bring you closer together. You’re especially creative now, too, so strive to connect with your inner muse.

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