What Your Birth Card Reveals

As we discussed in The Science of the Cards, playing cards can be used as a tool of divination and fortune telling. Unlocking the cards’ wisdom begins with knowing your personal “Birth Card.” To determine yours, follow this simple formula:

• Double the number of your birth month (January = 1, February = 2, etc.)

• Add the day of your birth.

• Subtract the total from 55. The result will be a number from 1-52, each of which corresponds to a card. You’ll find your number below.

Card counting always begins with the Ace (as in Ace, Two, Three, Four… all the way through to Jack, Queen, King). As such, if your personal number is anywhere between 1 and 13, your card is a Heart with 1=Ace of Hearts, 2=2 of Hearts, 3=3 of Hearts and so on.

1-13: Ace Through King of Hearts

14-26 Ace Through King of Clubs

27-39 Ace Through King of Diamonds

40-52 Ace Through King of Spades

Now let’s take a look at the significance of the suits, as well as the numbers.

Hearts learn about themselves and life through relationships. They are often artistic types who not only love children, but are big kids (for better and for worse) themselves!

Clubs have a thirst for knowledge and thrive on the exchange of ideas. Intellectually driven by nature, they learn/work through emotional issues by searching for truth… which may or may not be objective.

Diamonds, not surprisingly, are business-oriented individuals constantly attempting to place a value on things – and people. While they are often successful, their task may also be to find worth beyond the material.

And finally, Spades are old souls whose purpose here is related to health – and spirituality. Their (usually) life-long task is to find balance.

Like the suits, each number’s meaning is usually two sided. If you are an Ace, you are a strong and passionate leader – who may often be a self-centered loner. Twos are cooperative and relationship-oriented, but can be lost when on their own. Creative and adventurous, Threes are exciting to be around but may require constant stimulation.

Fours – who are particularly grounded, and successful in endeavors related to their suit – are also known to be obstinate (and even difficult). Fives may find that their lives are in constant flux (especially in matters linked to their suit), because their desire to experience life makes them resistant to settling down in one place. Sixes, on the other hand, are very stable and responsible – but sometimes limited by satisfaction with the status quo.

Sevens are givers by nature, and as such fortunate in what they receive – exemplars of the principal of reciprocity. Letting go of attachments, especially to things represented by their suit, is key. Instilled with power (and the responsibility to use it wisely), Eights usually get what they seek, but can be bullies. Nines are here to do good for humanity and must not mistake their personal completions for losses. Focused on personal accomplishment, Tens are capable of achieving their goals, but will often go overboard, exhausting themselves (and perhaps others) in the process.

Occasionally immature (or even deceptive), Jacks are smart, powerful and connected. Queens find satisfaction (and success) in service (usually to the things represented by their suit) and are here to care for and nurture their “children.” Kings live by their own rules, and while given to success, must learn to share responsibility and/or delegate.

(NOTE: If you were born on December 31st, your card is the Joker – a card which can’t be read. However, don’t despair: while your card is a “mystery unto itself,” you are permitted to choose your personal card. But beware. Choice can be a blessing or a curse!)

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  1. Michael

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  2. Dawoodi Morkas

    It is difficult to understand the summing up of numbers in a manner which is almost inconcievably vague?

    The computation and the derivative of Aces, Kings, Queens and Jack and joker is alos confusing. There should really be an example before such an exercise is carried out?

  3. teresa

    Well… There are times that I’m uncertain if I’m following your instructions correctly. Ex: On the birth card–
    my total is 22 So would that be 1-ace 2-10’s OR 2-aces? When you say count up from ace then I can easily make 22 out of different cards. Please show me it directly so that I may grasp this idea.
    Somedays my brain just rejects the flow of new info. …………………. Thank You

  4. Abigailx9570

    I really like the articles you are writting on this …. I bought a book called Cards of Destiny it tells you the interpretation of the playing card that represents your birthday. Mine is the 7 of Spades ….the mystic. I have several psychic friends that read this way and the accuracy is amazing too.

    Many Blessings


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