Vedic Astrology: Your Moon Forecast for August 2012

It’s a Fabulous Night for a Moondance!

The Moon is the trigger for events shown within the greater picture of slower planets and their relationship to each other, with the stars that energize them in the background. The Vedic Nakshatras of the Moon last roughly 24-25 hours, so daily activities can be planned in harmony with each Nakshatra. All times are PDT. Want to know more about your sign in Vedic Astrology? Talk with Psychic Julia ext. 9131 who is a Vedic astrologer.

August 1st, 9:50 am: The Moon is in Shravana. Contract omissions and delays may occur. If you can, wait until later in the month for travel and major purchases. The Moon becomes full at 8:27 pm.

Thursday, August 2: Another important day as the Sun enters Ashlesha at 7:49 am and the Moon enters Dhanishtha at 8:47 am. Learning music and dance will be positive now.

From August 3, 8:14 am – August 4, 8:18 am: the Moon is in Shatabisha benefiting creative projects and the study of herbal remedies and medicine can be pursued. At 11:30 pm, the Moon becomes full. Saturn moves into his exalted sign of Libra, bringing relief.

August 4, 8:18 am – August 5, 9:02 am: The Moon is in Purva Bhadrapada, a good time for meditation, writing and research.

August 5, 9:02 am – August 6, 10:29 am: The Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada promotes writing, and planning communities and gardens.

August 6, 10:29 am – August 7, 12:36 pm: The Moon in Revati is a good time to relax and enjoy friends, learn astrology/astronomy, music and dance.

August 7, 12:36 pm – August 8, 3:17 pm: Begin plans with the Moon in Ashwini. The urge to take action should be channeled into getting organized.

August 8, 3:17 pm – August 9, 6:17 pm: The Moon in Bharani is good for cleansing and meditation. If you feel it’s important to express outrage at inhumane actions, take care and you can do this eloquently.

August 9, 6:18pm – August 10, 9:45 pm: The Moon in Krittika creates an atmosphere that is good for creating art, cooking, dining, and passionate expression.

August 10, 9:45 pm – August 12, 12:19 am: The Moon in Rohini is also positive for creative pursuits, community building, and learning music and dance.

August 12, 12:19 am – August 13, 2:52 am: The Moon in Mrigashira is a good time for seduction, enjoying music, drama, lovemaking, romance, and pleasure.

August 13, 2:52 am – August 14, 4:50 am: The Moon in Ardra offers a melancholy beauty that can bring some beautiful creativity if channeled properly.

August 14, 4:50 am – August 15, 5:34 am: The Moon in Punarvasu is still waning. Make plans for gardening, change of residence or career, or pursue studies.

August 15, 5:34 am – August 16, 6:51 am: Moon in Pushya is a time to prepare for business, sales, loans, or continue studies.

August 16: Sun enters Leo/Magha at  5:29 am followed by the Moon entering Ashlesha at 6:51 am through the 17th, at 6:58 am. This is a very important day; good for high energy and flashes of brilliance that must be directed properly.

August 17, 6:58 am: The powerful energy continues with the Moon in Magha and the New Moon quickly following at 8:54 am. This works well for performances and leadership, buying a home, and gardening.

August 18, 6:34 am – August 19, 5:45 am: The Moon in Purva Phalguni brings an intense time that could bring family inheritance or learning music and dance.

August 19, 5:45 am – August 20, 4:42 am: The Moon in Uttara Phalguni brings the energy of humanitarian acts, building communities, and planting trees (in the proper climate) and gardening.

August 20, 4:42 am – August 21, 3:27 am: The Moon in Hasta brings some stability to an otherwise stressful day. Direct your energies to music, dance, and caring for your health.

August 21, 3:27 am – August 22, 2:07 am: The Moon in Chitra is a positive energy that can allow you to build a new romance and prepare for pleasure and sexual encounters, especially late in the evening.

August 22, 2:07 am – August 23, 12:45 am: The Moon in Swati brings powerful communication, technical studies and research. Emotions can drive creative efforts.

August 23, 12:45 am – August 23, 11:23 pm: The Moon in Vishakha offers the energy for early morning lovemaking, romance and pleasure.

August 23, 11:23 pm – August 24, 10:04 pm: The Moon in Anuradha offers travel opportunities that can bring international success through cooperation, friendship and entertainment.

August 24, 10:04 pm – August 25, 8:48 pm: The Moon in Jyeshta has the energy for brilliant, daring creativity in the arts and new thought.

August 25, 8:48 pm –  August 26, 7:37 pm: The Moon in Mula energizes transformational ideas and activities, fierce opposition to inhumane acts and future plans for social improvement.

August 26, 7:37 pm – August 27, 6:33 pm: The Moon in Purva Ashadha provides the energies for the focus and determination to build and slowly spread your reputation as someone who offers positive change.

August 27, 6:33 pm – August 28, 5:41 pm: The Moon in Uttara Ashadha provides a time for healing and preparation for travel, laying foundations and determination.

August 28, 5:41 pm – August 29, 5:03 pm: The Moon in Shravana is good for studies, perception and brilliant ideas.

August 29, 5:03 pm – August 30, 4:49 pm: The Moon in Dhanishtha brings new perceptions of truth, planning for travel,  music and entertainment.

August 30, 4:49 pm – August 31, 4:59 pm: The Moon in Shatabisha brings benefits from medicine, herbal remedies, revitalization, and travel to enjoy or learn music and dance. See what will happen to you this month from Vedic astrology Psychic Julia ext. 9131.

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    This author has a way of phrasing things that draws me into the content without even trying. I esp like the daily forecast, makes me look for ways to improve my life.

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    i just want to see if i’m going to get out of my small money problems soon…and also the long healthy lifes of my 2 beautiful twin 1 year grandchildren and there mom and dad….


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