Use Astrology to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions

Use Astrology to Make Your New Year's Resolutions

The Perfect Time

Just because it’s January, that doesn’t mean you can’t set your New Year’s resolutions. Sure, most people make them at the end of December and then start to forget about them by the end of January. But, we know you’re not one of those people and making a resolution right now happens to be the perfect time to do it!

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Have you made a resolution in the past that seemed impossible to keep? That won’t be the case now because we’re between Western New Year and Chinese New Year! This means you’re ready to address your dreams in such a serious way that you’ll succeed. With Saturn in the beginning of its two-and-a-half-year stay in his home of Capricorn, these can be your most powerful resolutions in the most productive time of your life! Saturn loves nothing more than supporting you in reaching your greatest heights. So, as you make that climb, you’ll see different views around you, but you won’t lose your view of the peak—your goal. Stay focused on what you want but be adaptable to the world around you. Here are your New Year’s resolutions.


Your energy is legendary, but career demands will have even you stretching your limits to keep your resolutions. Your resolutions should include changing financial situations and even personal values, including new revelations about your sexual desires. With that in mind, keep your eye on the prize when completing your resolutions. You could find yourself in a whole new position in life.


Your New Year’s resolutions this year can be amazingly potent, with surprising results over the coming year. If you focus on education, travel, and social activities, your power will be maximized. You’ll discover an exciting, new you during the last half of the year. While it may be breathtaking at first, you’ll enjoy the results, particularly with partnerships.


Your resolutions, particularly those revolving around your health, work life, and your own psychology, can really prevail. If you don’t have time to keep going to the gym, you’ll find another way to exercise successfully. Post your resolutions on your phone or in your workspace. Review them daily and you’ll break through so many barriers.


Make those promises to yourself about your most important relationships with deep, emotional sincerity. Make them a creative effort and you’ll enjoy so much self-discovery. Whether it’s wanting a child or sharing your talents with others, use your usual subtlety and emotional power. You’ll find a big audience for success.


Focus your New Year’s resolutions on your career and home life to see progress. At the same time, be prepared to work hard and be patient for a few years. If you’re in an area where investing in real estate is lucrative, make certain that you have the resources to carry you for a few years so you can win big. Surprises in your career life will be coming. Make the most of them.


Your communications offer bonanzas this year. Just take a meticulous approach to what you say to be the most effective. Yet, don’t ignore your most fantastic, creative ideas when you craft these personal statements. You have real power these days when speaking your truth. Surprises can be lucrative.


Family and other home life demands can really find grounding if you include them in your New Year’s resolutions. Financial benefits can come from genuine, loving actions that evolve from your committed, compassionate language when communicating with anyone you consider part of your family. Stay patient in your love goals through the end of 2018.


This is the year for you to think big when it comes to your resolutions. Build your communication networks to be successful with these grand ideas. They’re no greater than you are at heart, and you have what you need to succeed. Be certain that others hear you clearly, and your goals are assured.


Focus your resolutions on organizing your finances. Review what you’ve discovered about yourself and your values over the past few years. Then, invest in what you truly believe in for the future and you’ll have genuine success. Expect surprises in your work life that can ultimately work in your favor—probably later this year.


This is the year to focus on what you do best—make your resolutions with the long-term in mind. You know what you can achieve, even though you might doubt yourself often. While that’s part of your makeup, you always get past that negative thinking. Ignore setbacks and keep going. You’re on the right track. Use networking to facilitate what you want.


You can make big career moves over the next few years, so think about who you want to be to the world as you make your New Year’s resolutions. Envision yourself in that position of power that suits your interests and the ideas you most love. Really dig deep into your soul to know yourself so well that you exude your power. Then you’re more effective.


Look to wise friends and your oldest dreams to help design your resolutions. You have happy imaginings and ideas that can come to fruition if you concentrate. Your ideas are so big that focusing is hard. Just sleep on your resolutions and rewrite them later with more concentration—even if it takes days to make them feel right.

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