Uranus in Leo, Leading in 2012

Born With Uranus in Leo: You’re a Leader and Protector During the 2012 Transition

Dynamic Uranus in Leo people, you were born between June 1956 and August 1962. The solar power of the lion regally engages the masses, or the people at work or your family and lovers. People admire your sense of the honor and awareness of the possibilities of being a human on this planet, and all that this blessing offers each of us.

Given your years of experience in life, you are ready to be the “person in charge,” if you aren’t already acting as a leader. This requires the full awareness that to be in charge means that you are responsible to guide others to work toward the common good as you do and to never forget that “to rule, truly is to serve.”

When airline captains take you aloft, they are totally in charge of their airships, the place where you live until you land, and they are quite aware that they are responsible for the safety and well-being of all of you “following” him/her in that protective silver tube through the skies. They may be “the boss,” but they are totally responsible for everyone seated behind them during this time.

If you aren’t an airline captain, it is essential that you take their attitude and responsibility on when you take on the mantel of leadership, even if it’s just completing a project. It is no mistake that Leo rules the house of children, creativity and gambling. Leading others ahead requires staring down the risk and giving your creations to the public. This is scary and rewarding—whether your creation is a new format at work, a new way to make your household a home for your family or a an artistic creation—ask any artist, many of whom are Leos and they will tell you that the courage of the lion is required to speak up and put yourself in front of your public.

Enjoy your leadership role that evolves during 2012, and never forget that your Uranus is in the sign of Leo, evolving toward Virgo, the sign of service. With both qualities in focus, you will be the leader needed for a successful future. If your leadership role is simply to keep a relationship or a home vital, you are serving the future from its core as well. Celebrate yourself, Leo!

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