Understanding Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Understanding the Sun in Cancer, from June 22 to July 22

Were you born between June 22 and July 22, or was someone dear to you? If so, you or someone very close to you will exude a high degree of sensitivity and emotional depth. With a strong allegiance to home and country, these Cancer sun sign folks are as traditional as mom and apple pie. And indeed, the watery sign of Cancer rules motherhood and children; childhood and nurturance; the home and family; the past and issues of emotional security. Ruled by the fastest moving luminary, a satellite of the Earth—the moon, sun sign Cancer people are extremely emotionally changeable in keeping with their ruler the Moon which changes signs every 2 1/2 days.

Extremely sensitive and deeply emotional, these individuals are highly tuned into the natural cycles, including the tides and the lunar cycles, with a naturally astute intuition and often keenly accurate instincts. Some may not realize that the cardinal Cancer (one of three cardinal signs including Libra and Capricorn—all three exuding great leadership characteristics) moon children are also extremely shrewd businesspersons and excellent with money, especially accruing it, due to their hoarding tendencies.

Cancers are extremely aware of emotions, yours, mine and ours, and are strongly family oriented, and may be pack rats, who hate to throw anything away. Are you or a Cancer friend close to you obsessed with the past? This isn’t surprising, as Cancerians tend to focus (and sometimes even obsess) on the past. Associated with the glyph or symbol of the crab, Cancers often take two steps forward and three steps back. Sentimental and often quite nostalgic, Cancerians are savers and may collect photographs, souvenirs and mementoes, anything that reminds them of times gone by. Cancer folks are often excellent cooks and definitely have the traditional Jewish Mama tendency, knowing that the way to your heart is through your stomach. Hence, many children of Cancerian parents tend to be members of the clean plate club, and, none too few may have some psychological issues about food, often getting emotions and food all mixed up. This may result in emotional eating, ongoing weight issues, or using food as a form of solace.

When the sign of Cancer is your rising sign, your face may be moon-shaped, with a mothering or voluptuous demeanor, with your weight waxing and waning like the moon itself. (I’m a perfect example, though of late, it’s been mostly on the waxing end.) Like the crab, the Cancer native likes to carry his or her house on his or her back. Sometimes your or their great sensitivity may cause you to become a tad defensive, remembering every slight, imagined or other. Some may be overprotective of their offspring or making their spouses or partners claustrophobic with their constant need for reassurances. Watch for any unhealthy dependency issues, or living through your children. These may not be the healthiest expressions of your care-taking qualities.

A great lesson for Cancerians: It’s not always personal! On July 1, we will be experiencing the third of three eclipses (this final onein the Sign of Cancer – packing a big wallop for all Cancerians); as a result, all of us, especially Cancerians, are going through great emotional upheaval and great lessons nowabout how our past affects our present and how to release the past or free ourselves of the baggage or relationships of the past that may have outlived their usefulness. These eclipse energies open the way for great transformation, growth and reinvention for our fabulously sensitive and insightful Crabs. Take care of yourselves, dearest Cancers, as we weather these dramatic, sometimes confusing but always dynamic times of great growth and change!


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30 thoughts on “Understanding Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

  1. Jadeal2010

    It amazes me how the description of me is so head on. Everything the psyhics say about is true. I’m like a little old jewish woman who always loves to cook and dwelves in the idea that everyone loves my cooking. Everytime I cook it’s gone. People recognize me but try to take me for granite…..LOL…I’m laughing at them. Thank you California Psychics……

  2. libra

    I am involved with a cancer man. He drives me crazy. But I love him very much. You are correct home is where the heart is with them.


    thanks for your article. But, I am dating a Cancer man and like you said are sensitive but not sensitive enough. They can be cold, they say they are interested in you but there response is “oh, do I suppose to call you?” Therefore sparking doubt were it is worth it? We have known each other for a year and just reconnected again. I am so upset, I will not call him. I am just
    so sick of men doing the samething over and over again.

  4. ravenx

    I’m a cancer, and I know we’re pretty weird and I love us all…but reading some of the comments of my fellow cancerians here makes me think that we’re really kind of batshit insane lol I mean, do we have to get so effing dramatic? I see suicide wishes mixed with obvious “69” sexual allusions, seemingly writing entire comments entirely to themselves, overreacting to family issues and co.plain jong they can’t get a date while they can’t even stand themselves. Come on Team Crab, get a freaking self esteem and understand we are a deep sign that even astrologers misunderstand. Need I remind everyone that Tom Cruise is a Cancer?? Oh wait…err…well, Ernest Hemingway…oh wait, he killed himself. Kafka? Ugh. OK well Pablo Neruda, beat that! And the Dalai Lama. There you go. Those two guys and a hot Virgo chic is all we need in life. Oh and I guess 69 too, wth.

  5. Stephanie

    July 1st cancer, seems like I feel everything big and small. I was amazed at how well we cancerians were described. The bit about the moon phase seemed to explain my current feelings. The whole piece, very insightful

  6. Charles Gay

    Born 7/13/82 at 5:44 am naturally…I come from a broken family…the youngest only boy w/3 sisters ..I am the last one with the name gay…with no kids..this life so far has been a nightmare…everything good was taken, I feel so much it hurts,my mind my heart,I battle suicidal thoughts daily, and feel so alone and robbed of anything good, I wish I didn’t feel or a break would come for some of us unfortunate cancers who just keep getten broke and beat everyday…I surrender father……take me home to the promised…. That’s a daily struggle….. Good and strong us cancers are….
    What is it we are paying for….I give……
    Cool power number I have 69

  7. melissa

    it is amazing how true this is i couldn’t believe how much this was me all the way but we are beautiful,smart,emotional people who always make it threw anything that comes our way good luck to all the cancers.

  8. Madalena

    I too am a Cancer. All of the above is true. You chose this mission. My suggestion to those who feel lost and lonely is to connect with our Creator. Talk to your angels. Look into some metaphical materials, and you will see that what you want to change must be implemented by self through commitment and self-examination. And prayer, lots of prayer.

  9. kelvin

    07/19/1960 is the day i came out and My mom said it was hot , any ways cancer people are loving, am a man that want only one love in my life and when I do love I love hard she is first when it come down to it, yes am up and down but any one can count on me .I love who I am but I do feel that I am miss understood but that is life .


    everything that’s in here is true i cant stop worrying about my kids there all grown up and its killing me how much i think about them and how often i cry about how much i miss my grand kids,i haven’t dated in for ever im so lonely and im getting old and wonder if i will ever have a true love,frankly im very sad all the time .

  11. Peter L. Taylor

    “yes I am a powerful man’. I Am a writer a inventer. / Love all kind of women. / very analitecal. / love to souround by people / very jugemental. / have swing mood”. / Kind of crazey.? / Love my home & family. Think I could be a god.? / but happy who I am”. / Read my book Auther.? / cansarian is the best. / born on. / 07/19/1943 ) ? Peter L. Taylor. / thank you. )

  12. Lue

    I know cancers are great people but I don’t like being a cancer too emotional, very intelligent.
    Mt emotional most of the made me not see the real left me withdrawn, insecure and not worthy.

    I haven’t dated in 10 years because emotion and past experience take over. I can’t related, fear, rejection take over.

    Their is this guy I have a huge crust on. He travels due to his job. I like that because he doesn’t see my flaws. I tried to make a connection with him twice but I go thru all the above
    snuff. I’m an emotional insure mess.

  13. pierrette

    i`m being born under this sign all and everything is true , and i`m scared .But definitly it`s tru so true

  14. Kristen

    Very true whats written. I hope all us cancerians can find our inner peace, transform in to the butterflies we are and grow in ways we need to. And I can relate to Jennifer.

  15. bukki

    Am an african and a cancerian and this piece right here describe me to the hilt.i cant believe this but thank God it not just me thing am a weirdo

  16. Mark

    Jennifer, being born under the sign of Cancer (July 4, 1953),
    I certainly can relate to your situation, dealing with your emotions
    when the things that mean the most to you start falling apart.
    After two divorces (including losing a house and a condo as part of divorces),
    and the loss of my 34 year old son to cancer, I still at times find myself
    stuck in the past. When I become aware that I’m in this state of funk,
    I start a project at home (I enjoy working with wood). Doing just about anything,
    staying busy, to keep your mind off of the negative things going on around
    you, will help keep you in check with yourself. Remember, you are not superwoman.
    You can only do so much for others and most importantly, take care of number
    one first – you!

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  18. Jennifer

    I believe in almost everything you sat about the sign of a Cancer, I am in my early forties and I am finally realizing I don’t have to wear my heart on my sleeve and please people, just because. I tend to fall into patterns where I please people, do nice tings, always thinking if others, non-cancers do not do that back….rareley,. I a trying to change, have not a lot of expectations in others, sick of disappointment. Been divorced for a couple years now, I cannot connect or seem to be in a place where I can’t really give myself, I am a nurturer, always have been, Rambling. I am going thru deep hurtful family issues, I cry and cry–all I want is inner peace, dont’t know how to find. I don’t know

    Jennifer, July 7th

  19. salwa

    sooo true i am cancer born on june 22 and the things are truth can you make one about januray 7 and feburaray 1 please please

  20. Jennifer

    This describes me to a tee, and friends don’t understand. Nice to have someone with insight put to paper our personality traits.

  21. Vikki

    WOW…it’s kind of scary to hear this come from someone you don’t know and it being sooooooo true. I love to keep up with you just to remind me what to be looking out for. So true about living though your children, I am guilty of that and just finding that out to be true. who knew 🙂 Thanks for your insite and keep it up.

  22. Diadia

    There is no such thing that cures cancer in 1 day..if it was ppleoe would not have babies and young and old die and go thru pure hell with this disease’ if they didn;t have to cancer is the worst disease to come around in a hundred years,,,,

  23. Jerri

    I really enjoyed reading this today, it helped put my mind back on focus to where it needs to be. I love reading these when I have a chance, they help me when I am getting lost or confused. Thank you! Jerri


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