Understanding the Stand-Out Leo

Seeing Eye to Eye With the Lion

Are you an adorable, dramatic and passionate Leo, or do you have a close connection with one? It doesn’t take much for those very touchy Rulers of the Jungle to move from meow to full-throttle roar in 0 to 100. But if you understand your Lion, you’ll know a little bit of stroking goes a long way with these high test darling divas of the Zodiac—who know how to truly live life large!

What is it that people have against Leos? I was recently in a room full of astrologers, and everyone started dissing poor Leo, implying they were self-centered, bossy, narcissistic, that they thought the world revolved around them and always wanted to be the center of attention… Well, yes. Outgoing Leos are the natural VIPs of the Zodiac. But that’s what makes them so wonderful. No sign in the Zodiac is so full of life, love, passion and the theatre of being alive than these natural and charismatic leaders. No sign is more loving, generous and so longing to bring enjoyment and pleasure to life and living—yours, mine and theirs.

Like any cat (and that’s what Leo is—a big cat), they love to be stroked, and come into this world with a catlike sense of specialness and a powerful ego which says resoundingly to the world things like, “I have arrived, no need to get up,” or “Why thank you, I’m so glad you noticed,” or “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

As long as they receive your undivided attention and adoration, they will purr and make your life sweet. They will shower you will love and affection, treating you to delicious meals and luxurious, expensive gifts… if you will just show them the R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is so rightfully theirs. For, you see, these Leo folks are the last remnant of royalty in democratic society. They live according to a special code of privilege and entitlement. And they are also the actors and actresses of the Zodiac—and most actors and actresses need star treatment. That’s all there is to it. Flatter them and they’ll give you the key to their kingdom. Ignore them and they’ll make your life a living hell, throw scenes and tantrums, pout… that sort of thing.

Those who know Leo well will attest that a lot of the show-off and flamboyant drama is just that. Show… bravado… bluster. For solar Leos, their natural 12th house of the subconscious is ruled by the shy and family-oriented Cancer, who is really looking for true intimacy and unconditional love. Behind every Leo’s prima-donna facade is a poor quivering insecure baby, afraid of rejection or of not being taken care of or understood. They say that behind every superiority complex is an inferiority complex waiting to happen. So remember that when your darling, tempestuous Leo sweetheart throws his or her hissy fit, just smooth their feathers, whisper how wonderful you think they are and they will be back to their shining, loving and passionate selves in no time.

For fiery Leo rules the Sun, the great giver of life and life force, the outer expression of the self, and naturally rules the 5th House of romance, creativity and children. And these extroverted lions are as creative as they come, in love with love and with the romance of life. Leo also rules the back, the spinal cord and the heart; an over-indulging Leo may need to watch their health for cholesterol or heart problems. Remember the Lion in The Wizard of Oz who needed “courage” for his poor, aching heart.

Leos jive well with the other fire signs (Sag and Aries), as long as they can be in charge; and unlike Aries, who could give a hoot, they really do care that their followers back ’em up and are faithful and loyal. Leos also groove with the air signs, who fuel their fire with their mental brilliance (Gemini and Libra) and Leo’s polar opposite, airy Aquarius. While Leo rules the performer; Aquarius rules the spectator. And that’s what every Leo needs more than anything else—an appreciative audience.

What makes you, darling Leo, so very special, is, well, just that… your specialness, your ability to dazzle, your generosity in the extreme and, of course, your passionate love of life and living to the fullest—so once we truly understand you, what’s not to love?

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3 thoughts on “Understanding the Stand-Out Leo

  1. Katrina

    With a first house Leo Moon, I’m right there with you, Miss Krystal!

    Hugs and may all of our wishes come true this year!!!

    xo Katrina

  2. Katrina

    Happy happy MissKrystal……

    You have lovely energy and you are so kind to comment……

    Hope you had a wonderful Solar Return,


  3. misskrystal

    Very cool, Katrina. Being a leo, myself, I know that we like having our friends. Friendship is very important to us. Even with male leo’s. I have friends, still, that stem way back, from my early childhood days. That means so much to me. Leo is a very forgiving sign. Thanks, and Happy BDAY to all the other leos. Miss Krystal


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