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Find Your Love Match Using Numerology

In numerology, every letter from A to Z has a numerical vibration. The first letter in someone’s name, also known as the Cornerstone Number, speaks volumes about their energy and their character.  If online dating services used numerology to“calculate your compatibility, then we’d never have trouble finding true love.

The Cornerstone Number

The Cornerstone Number (letter) gives you the basics of someone’s character. It’s not often that you get to know someone’s character up-front, but I’ll bet you’d like to, and with numerology you can.

Find the first letter of someone’s name and see if they could be your true love match:

A: There is no one more determined and resolute than an “A” person. They have serious willpower and courage. Need a champion? Find an “A.”

B: “B”s are sensitive souls and would love the world to be a happy place. Emotions run deep, so if you’re the passionate type, keep an eye out for those “B”s.

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C: “C”s express their feelings with humor mixed with emotion. “C”s are intuitive, sensitive and spontaneous.

D:  Some see “D”s as stubborn; they see themselves as determined. That determination gets them through difficulties more easily than others.

E: “E”s are social and passionate creatures who are easy-going and fun-loving. They like freedom, but they also love having a partner who loves them for their uniqueness.

F: An “F” person is warmhearted and full of compassion and would give you the shirt off their back—which is a plus if your “F” also has nice abs.

G: Do you want a fast-thinker?  Fascinating and imaginative “G”s have never-ending thoughts and ideas that they can turn into unique sources of income.

H: Are you the supportive type? Creative “H”s are independent thinkers. They’re willing to risk finances to bring an idea to life and will usually land on their feet.

I: If you’re good at bringing balance to a relationship, find true love with an “I.” They need balance to bring out their abundant artistic, romantic and compassionate feelings.

J: Are you the motivating type? You should find a “J.” “J”s are sincere and loyal people pleasers (maybe to a fault), but passionate in their pursuits, nonetheless.

K: If you like a partner with drive, then find a “K” who turns nervous energy and intuition into abundant manifestations. “K”s are steadfast, emotion-based illuminators.

L: Like to travel (or move a lot)? Find an “L” and you’ll find an adventurous person who is honest and giving. As their partner you’ll be the one to keep things balanced.

M: If you want security in your life, seek an “M.” They’re typically strong, hardworking and full of energy and when they’re not working, they love being home.

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N: “N”s are only for partners who admire unique people. Unconventional is a good word to describe them. They’re also magnetic and they’re never without a partner for long.

O: If you’re looking for a spiritual person then an “O” could be your true love. They’re also patient with themselves and others as well as emotional, but some can also be jealous.

P: If you like the strong, silent type, then you’d like a “P.” You’ll notice them walking into a room. They like to have nice things, but one thing that may be in short supply is their time.

Q: “Q”s are engaging and direct. They can talk a big game and take risks just as big, so don’t mess with a “Q” if you’re looking for security and stability.

R: “R”s are the gentle giants—if not in stature than at least at heart. They’re hardworking and emotional, but they might forget important dates. Gently remind them.

S: There’s never a dull moment with an impulsive, passionate and intense “S.” If you’re good at being the even-tempered one in relationships, you might like the warmth of the loving “S.”

T: Crazy, wacky and loyal, “T”s are passionate about those they care for. If you like a thrill-a-minute, adventurous time, date a “T” and enjoy the ride.

U: Lucky and often attractive “U”s need someone to keep them from their “easy-come-easy-go” attitude—a good partner helps them slow down and smell the roses.

V: In love, “V”s are loyal and dependable, but can also act possessive sometimes. They think large and deliver large because of their insight and determination.

W: If you’re looking for a partner who is engaging and expressive, look for a “W.” They possess a strong will and determination, but they can also procrastinate.

X: “X”s are rare—as rare as a truly temperamental artist, and that also describes who they are to the core. “X”s are also extremely sexual and very responsive lovers.

Y: If you’re a free spirit who is seeking a no-limits, thrill-a-minute union, then “Y” is the letter for you. Their ambition is admirable, but official commitment may be slow in coming.

Z: What’s not to love about a quick-witted, optimistic “Z”? Well, they can be a bit impulsive and a little stubborn, but some find that exciting.

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  2. LJ

    Dear Readers: Thank you for your readership and your wonderful responses. Someone asked about having two names, so I’ll address that as simply as I can in a short space – first, look at both names. Also if someone changes their name, they can also change their destiny or the course of their life, but they will always be both – the hidden persona and the outward persona. Not that they’re trying to hide anything – people have many reasons for changing their names – professional, personal – same thing goes for the first vowel in someone’s name (which you’ll see an article on later) – if someone is born Albert (A), but goes by Bert (E) – than both definitions would be true: A on the inside, E on the outside. The first letter in someone’s name won’t tell you everything about them, but it’s a good way to quickly assess what lies beneath the surface at first glance. Thanks everyone – A-Z!

  3. Amanda Andrus

    Everyone wants fortune and to find that one true love. I have found that all I really want to know am I going down the right path or is there another path I should be going down. there is only one thing I want out of life is to have a family and to be normal and the world to leave us alone.


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