The Ultimate 2009 Forecast

The year 2009 certainly won’t be dull. A handful of planetary shifts and conflicts are sure to rattle the status quo and ultimately bring change to our lives – and the world as well. It will be quite a show to watch it unfold around us. Read more for the specifics…

Jupiter: New opportunities
After strolling through practical Capricorn over the last year, expansive Jupiter will transit through revolutionary Aquarius from January 5, 2009 through mid-January 2010, which will open doors to new opportunities, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. On a global scale, it will especially benefit humanitarian and scientific endeavors. And expect to see a reawakening of global “oneness” as we attempt to work together for the good of humanity. This altruistic view will be especially strong when Jupiter merges with Neptune from May 27-July 30 and December 21-29.

It’s interesting to note that President-elect Barack Obama was born with Jupiter in Aquarius, which means he’ll be experiencing a “Jupiter return” for the next 11 months. This beneficial influence will undoubtedly help him launch some of the programs he’s helped to create.

Change of priorities
Saturn, the planet of responsibility and hardship, is also making a major shift as it begins its three-year jaunt through Libra on October 29 (except for a foray back into Virgo from April-July 2010). On a personal level, the focus will be on commitment, compromise and fairness in personal and professional relationships. On a global scale, expect some seismic shifts in legal policies. Some of these policies will pertain to unions, which means the controversy over gay marriage will accelerate.

Cosmic Boot strikes again
Speaking of change, the Cosmic Boot will take a swift kick at the economy once again during the Saturn-Uranus opposition from February 5-15 and September 15-25, which will continue the derailment of businesses and financial policies until balance is regained.

Revolution on the horizon
Expect more economic earthquakes and social upheavals during the Saturn-Pluto square that takes place from November 15, 2009 through February 27, 2010. On a personal level, it can prompt us to let go of what’s not working in our lives so we can move forward.

Planetary highlights:


3 – Venus enters Pisces: Love is idealistic and romantic. Artistic ventures are favored.

5 – Jupiter enters Aquarius: Favors humanitarian, social and scientific endeavors.

11-31 – Mercury Retrograde: Miscommunications and paperwork snafus are likely.


2 – Venus enters Aries: Love is passionate and fiery.

4 – Mars enters Aquarius: Socializing and group activities are energized.

5-15 – Saturn opposition Uranus: Out with the old and in with the new.


6 (through Aprril 17) – Venus retrograde: A relationship issue or former lover may resurface and need attention.

14 – Mars enters Pisces: Spiritual/sexual connections are energized.

20 – Sun enters Aries: Heralds the Spring Equinox.


4 (thorugh September 11) Pluto retrograde – Favors introspection, physical regeneration and reevaluating financial arrangements.

11 – Retrograde Venus enters Pisces: Favors introspection about past relationships.

22 – Mars enters Aries: Accelerates passion and launches new projects.

24 – Venus enters Aries: Love is impulsive and adventurous.


6-31 – Mercury retrograde: Miscommunications and paperwork snafus are likely.

16 – Saturn direct: Plans and projects move forward.

28 (through November 4) – Neptune retrograde: Favors inner work but creates chaos in the outer world.

27 (through July 30) – Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Favors humanitarian and spiritual endeavors.

31: Mars enters Taurus: Passion is sensual and earthy.


6 – Venus enters Taurus: Love is sensual, artsy and practical.

15 (though October 12) – Jupiter retrograde: Expansion stalls temporarily.

20-21 – Sun enters Cancer: Heralds the Summer Solstice.


1 (Decemeber 1) – Uranus retrograde: Progress may stop because of changes that need to be made.

5 – Venus enters Gemini: Communications and travel heighten romance.

11 – Mars enters Gemini: Energizes communications and travel.

31 – Venus enters Cancer: Favors family get-togethers and cozy trysts.


25 – Mars enters Cancer: Energizes home projects and family activities.

26 – Venus enters Leo: Creativity revs up romance.


6-29 – Mercury retrograde: Miscommunications and paperwork snafus are likely.

15-25 – Saturn opposition Uranus: Destruction of the status quo.

20 – Venus enters Virgo: Favors socializing through work and charity projects.

22 – Sun enters Libra: Heralds the Autumnal Equinox.


14 – Venus enters Libra: Favors romantic trysts, negotiations and artistic endeavors.

16 – Mars enters Leo: Creativity and entertainment heighten passion.

29 – Saturn enters Libra: Restructures policies pertaining to law, relationships and equality.


7 – Venus enters Scorpio: Love is stormy, passionate and possessive.

15 (through February 27, 2010) – Saturn square Pluto: Economic/financial structures are transformed.


1 – Venus enters Sagittarius: Love is playful and free.

2 (through March 10) – Mars retrograde: Backtracking over plans and projects is likely.

21 – Sun enters Capricorn: Heralds the Winter Solstice.

21-29 – Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Favors humanitarian and spiritual endeavors.

25 – Venus enters Capricorn: Love needs commitment and grounding.

26 (through January 15, 2010) – Mercury retrograde: Miscommunications and paperwork snafus are likely.

Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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