The Tsunami, the Earthquake and Sky Signs

The Wise Old Goddess Medusa Speaks for Future Peace

The star Capulus in the sword of Perseus represents the great warrior/protector prince i n the sky. He is very powerful, aggressive, and appears also to be a dominating force and a trouble-maker in his worst aspects. His sword can indicate splitting the land beneath the ocean. He also charges forth with his great sword to save the Princess Andromeda, chained to an ocean rock about to be devoured by Cetus, the sea monster. Finally, he is carrying the head of the angry elder wise woman Medusa, the star Algol.

Capulus was directly at the “midheaven” or top of the Japan tsunami chart, so we need to pay attention to his message. The constellations Perseus, Andromeda, Cepheus (the King) and Cassiopeia (the Queen) are returning to prominence after thousands of years, and reflect the great cycle of the Mayan predictions for 2012, as they are symbols of “precession” – the tilt of our planet that was actually affected by this quake.

The positive aspects of Capulus/Perseus have their literal expression in the great efforts of the Japanese heroes, the U.S. military and others going to save lives and rebuild in Japan. They respect and express the best of Capulus’s energy, literally “saving “princesses from sea monsters” (the tsunami). While Capulus and Algol are considered very challenging stars in our personal charts, when we learn from their energies, we become protectors of others and address some difficult forms of wisdom. Many who find these stars prominent in their charts can really express this through, not only the heroism of Perseus, but the healing arts of Algol/Medusa as well.

As a nation or as individuals, we can balance our fierce protective qualities and ourselves with recognition of the creative healing qualities of heeding our elders and the warnings of our Mother Planet. The wisdom and healing qualities of Algol/Medusa include the expression of outrage at humanity when we don’t honor these principles.

We are seeing people marching all over the planet for their loved ones and their dignity. This is also part of the energies we are seeing in the skies. The final reinforcement of the message of these forces is shown in the star rising at the time of the quake/tsunami—sweet, maternal Acubens from the constellation Cancer —the nurturing Mother of the family or the nation. The message couldn’t be clearer to us: Love one another and do what we can to protect those we love, while respecting the dignity others. This is the message of tragedy bringing out our better qualities.

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