The Numerology of a Birth Chart

Numerology of a Birth Chart

The Three Planes of Your Birth Chart

The primary purpose of the birth chart is to reveal, at a glance, the overall formula or pattern or our strengths and weaknesses. Each birth date produces a different birth chart. Each birth chart consists of three planes that make up who we are and how we communicate that to the outside world.

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The Mind Plane

The Mind Plane (mental and thinking) is our Conscious Self. It is at the top of the birth chart. It embraces the memories, the way of thinking, the way of analyzing, and the ability to rationalize, or imagine things. It also is about creating, taking responsibility, and it contains our idealism. So if a birth date contains the numbers 3, 6, or 9, they all go on this plane.

The Soul Plane

The Soul Plane (spiritual and feeling) is our High Self. It is symbolically the center or heart of the birth chart. This governs sensitivity. It also embraces our intuition, love, freedom, positive emotions, artistic expression, spiritual independence and wisdom. So it a birth date contains 2, 5 or an 8, they all go on this plane.

The Basic Plane

The Basic Plane (practical and doing) is our Physical Self. It is at the base of the birth chart. It embraces our verbal expression, our motivation, and body language, organization, patience, materialism, and learning through sacrifice. If a birth date contains 1, 4, or 7, they all go here.

The Number of Times the Number Appears

While the numbers themselves are significant, what’s also significant is how often they appear in a birth chart. So if you have someone who has a birth date of 11/11/1959, they are said to have five 1s in their birth chart. And they also have two 9s in their birth chart. So looking at this birth date, I can see that this person’s primary expression is through the body, so while they show their emotions, they may be more expressive through their sexual interaction with their partner, instead of using flowery pillow talk. I see this because of the fact that they have more numbers in the Base Plane. But also looking at this same Base Plane, with the fact that they have five 1s, that also says this person has learned to suppress ego due to their difficulty in verbal expression. So their actions speak more than their words. But because of this, they may seem aloof or standoffish at times. But they do have a somewhat better than healthy ideation of themselves.

The Single 5

Now continuing to look at this same birth chart, I see a single 5 in the Heart of the Soul Plane. The single 5 helps this person with the power to love and the freedom that enhances their ability to express themselves in other ways. So this also helps with the verbalization that the five 1s gave them trouble with. But they may still have some times when their emotional control of the single 5 prevents them from fully telling someone what they feel. But this also enhances their understanding of their own feelings and allows them to develop a deep appreciation of the feelings other people have.

The Single 9

I also see a single 9 in the Mind Plane. The top qualities of the number 9 are ambition, responsibility and idealism. This has been the reason we have been searching for the meaning of life and our ambition to move that life forward. But while that drive has been ambitious, we have forgotten balance in all three aspects of self (High Self, Spirit Self and Basic Self), and in forgetting that balance, we haven’t focused on responsibility. We had ambition, and idealism, but it is only now that we are starting to focus on the responsibility. So now temperance is vital to us as spiritual beings. As Pythagoras taught “Moderation in all things suitable; abstention from those unsuitable”

So all this information shows me that this person is action oriented, while feeling balanced in the way they do express themselves, physically, and that they have the ability to take responsibility for their ambition, and idealism. So when it comes to a relationship, they need someone who can understand that words aren’t the way they will express love. They are great about taking responsibility for the way they do show someone that they love them.

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