Sedna and the Message of the Tsunami

Loss and Tragedy Will Bring a Better World

The newly discovered trans-Plutonian object Sedna is the very creative and very angry Inuit goddess at the bottom of the sea. She is so important for us to listen to, and can speak to us about the deeper meaning of the Japan earthquake.

She is a mysterious dwarf planet (technically: scattered disc object), and her 11-13,000 year orbit around our sun is reaching her closest location to us. It’s very important to listen to her message, as her great power is emerging. She spent many years in the constellation of Cetus, the great monster rising from the depths of the sea, and is now in earthy Taurus, much nearer to us.

What Sedna represents with her orbital cycle is very much tied to the Mayans’ “end of time” in 2012. Her orbit is twice the length of the Mayan long count calendar. Double her orbit, and you find the “Great Year of the Greeks,” and the Yugas of India.

Understandably, astrologers become overwhelmed by the many influences in any chart at a single time. We didn’t really want to give Pluto, another dwarf planet, much power in people’s charts back in the 1930s, when he was discovered. Yet now, when we see Pluto important in your chart, we know to advise you of the intense experiences you will have and major changes in your life. Even more remarkable, Sedna is about protection of women, children, animals, and our planet/home, and she couldn’t be more timely right now.

Sedna was abused, injured and abandoned by her father in the Inuit myth—actually thrown from the safety of a boat into the ocean by him. She then became the powerful goddess at the bottom of the sea whom the Inuit shamans work hard to please and appease. This explains both the anger that Sedna can express from her realm at the sea bottom, and her great creative power once she addresses and overcomes her anger. She is the “pearl at the bottom of the sea” that poet Rumi described in his description of the magic of the human voice and music.

Sedna will speak up loudly when there is abuse of our planet and those inhabiting it. Unfortunately, people who aren’t warned can be lost in this “outburst.” Also, people with strong Sedna in their charts will experience some difficulties with men or the “patriarchy,” and issues of being controlled by another. Sedna people will also rise and become a powerful force for human and animal rights.

Fascinating examples: John Lennon (“power to the people”), Hollywood “mermaid” and Greenpeace activist Darryl Hannah, and Helen Reddy (creator of the theme song of the women’s movement, “I Am Woman”) are among the amazingly creative people who arose from Sedna’s depths to tell us what we need to do to protect and value each other.

Sedna also allows our psychics and others to be a compelling voice about what will serve and care for ourselves and each other.

Out of a tragedy, there is always a lesson, and we who listen become the protectors of others – probably the most important commitment that we have in life. Your own intuition and creativity, like that of our psychics, is the key to creating a better world.

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3 thoughts on “Sedna and the Message of the Tsunami

  1. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Dear Verbena:

    Then we have a mutual admiration going here – I love your work too! The Sedna myth is so, so powerful! While she can be a painful lesson, we can’t avoid her, and she unleashes the most amazing creativity in the process of healing. I am hoping that is what we are doing with what is going on with the planet. Interestingly, the Siberian Sedna is nearly totally focused on her creative life, while the Inuit myths of Canada and Greenland focus more on the story of the wound and the “goddess of the sea power” that arises from her healing…


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