Are You A Magical Libra?

Are you a Libra? Were you born in the early part of the Zodiac? We dive into the meaning of the magical time of year.

Was Your Lover Born Between Sept 21 – Oct 1?

There is a very inspired place in the sky where magical people are born. When the Sun travels between September 21 and Oct 1, early Libra by our zodiac (or in the actual constellation of Virgo), beautiful people come to us on the “gossamer wing of the Angel/Goddess.” This amazing location gives us supremely gifted people if we appreciate them appropriately – the fragile wing will take us to the heights or just leave us behind. Get more personalized information on your sign by contacting a psychic today!

The first noticeable thing about these people is their enchanting beauty, in whatever form it is expressed. In the case of the goddess-like women who are our angelic icons, here is the short list: Gwyneth Paltrow; Naomi Watts in her supernatural thriller “The Ring,” Brigitte Bardot—classic angelic sex symbol; Olivia Newton-John, the mystical angel-Muse in “Xanadu” with her ethereal voice, Avril Lavigne; Faith Hill and Hillary Duff. Do you recognize your lady in these beauties?

Finally, Catherine Zeta-Jones, with her perfect face and goddess body is married to the handsome Michael Douglas, with whom she shares a birthday in the angel’s wing—they can be airborne together and understand each other’s magic and challenges. Michael brings us to the men born at this time.

In addition to Michael is the blissfully handsome actor, Will Smith, along with the soaring musical talents of George Gershwin, Leonard Cohen and his passionate and powerful “Hallelujah,” Andrea Bocelli’s heavenly voice and soulful rocker, Bruce Springsteen. The Boss’s long-time wife and band mate, Patti Scialfa clearly shares his love of flight whether it is through music or touring together all of these years.

These celebrities and your lover are the gifted ones who are so valuable to us and so easy to lose in a breeze. They are not confrontational, but will escape the “ugliness” instead by leaving. Appreciation and a polite and gentle approach to problems will serve you well. Keeping up with your “Wing of the Angel” person may not be easy—it’s a long way to heaven, but it will be quite a ride and worth it to all those flexible and free enough to soar with them, just mind your manners and use a gentle touch. Be the “lover with a slow hand”…

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35 thoughts on “Are You A Magical Libra?

  1. Aaron

    I was borned on 30th of september and i sometimes experience strange things like the wind moving in the direction i please and i often experience deja vu. I’ve also been experiencing strange things and i dont know anyone who can tell me why

  2. Jo

    I am a libra and I’ve always had a pretty good sense of how people fell and some days I feel like have happened to me before like a sort of Deja vu and I have always have had a good sense of understanding situations and what is really going to happen based on little things people say and I can figure out easily what they are hiding I don’t talk much but I listen and understand

  3. Nancy

    Sept 24th 61 here and I have read many of these comments and find myself in several of them. I find I have aged quite nicely and I am pretty cute so I have been told, people put me at least 10 to 15 years younger than I am, wasnt that great when I was younger believe me 🙂 I am devout spiritually and have a deep sense of being different, since I was young: being able to feel things and such. I dream vividely as well. I am a musician too Kenneth made my way as one a keyboard a vocalist for many years until I retired after 17 years or so and had a family. Always emotionally struggling though in this life….

  4. Janet

    Omg I was born on September 27 and I have dreams that always come true … I have seen things a few minutes before the happen like premonition but never knew why , my family calls me the chosen one because of all the gifts I have I really wish I knew how to develop them and make them grow .

  5. Uriel

    Hi friends, im born on 1/10. Since childhood im very sensitive to peoples thoughts. And also had some dreams that became real. I may be wrong but i think im often able to easily predict peoples acts. Also sometimes sense the danger moments before something happens.

    Many times i ask myself am i in right to expect from others to be ready to sacrifice themselves for me as i am able to sacrifice myself for them? Maybe i expect too much… and sorrows me to see how humans are not able to return the goods, not because they are bad bu because they are weak spirits… Im searching that kind of people but haven’t found a true one for now… whatever…

    Once when i was kind i had one dream, one morning some strange levitating ships appeared in the sky in hundreds and from them sounded a human voice saying “no panic, we come in peace”. Im very curious it will become true 🙂

  6. sybil

    Thank you for this article. I am a Libra also and I can identify with what EVERYONE says here, especially Tobe’s article.
    I have always known something was a little different in a good way since childhood. I have always experience dreams with clarity only to see them materialize a short time after.

    My most vivid dream was coming home from a party and not able find my house. There was just a space. Weeks later, I came from the dentist with my children. Instead of sending them to take their nap, I changed my mind and had them play in the back yard while I prepared supper. Unknown to me, my room was on fire upstairs and it took only 15 minutes to destroy the upstairs area.
    Another vivid out of body dream that had never happened again, thankfully. I was making the bed in the children’s room and as soon as I was about to spread the bed, I saw a clear and quick vision of a small red car and a little boy and legs laying down. I said to myself, ‘Now why would you think of something like that?’ A few minutes later, one of the kids ran in to tell us that a car ran over P…… The driver stopped and explained that the boy ran out after a ball and he just swerved to miss him. The car was a red volvo.
    P….suffered a broken leg. I have not had dreams that I can recall as I have gotten older.
    My awareness is deep and I seem to predict things into existence sometimes.
    Almost a year ago, I told my friends in Cuba, not to worry because I see changes coming soon. Less than a year later the 54 year old ban of travel was lifted and they can now apply for visa to leave the country. Thankfully. So, I am glad to be a Libra…..sometimes.
    I can be a group of people and instead of enjoying the NOW, I am too busy ‘tuning in’ to personalities around me’… I am learning more to trust my instincts and not keep changing my mind or procrastinating.


  7. Tobe

    I am a LIBRA born O9/30
    I read through all these emails…. I do not know if its just a LIBRAN Family thing or that us humans are getting more in touch with our other senses and invisible abilities. Certainly my intuition is way better now but that could be because I have less distraction. I make an effort the listen inside.. It happens quite often a little voice that speaks a name or situation remembered and to my amazement I see, hear about , or get a call from that person within in days of the prompting…..OK so pay attention… Be here now…Enjoy the empathic abilities that it seems this LIBRAN family has. What if the whole of mankind used more of this invisible reading. I feel that Star Treck life is among us now.. The beam me up Scotty energy transfer they did on TV is coming soon……

    I think all Humans have a magical content and gift… However much I would like to be the most special. and I still do… But fact is we all have gifts and truly in the Star Treck way … there were many interplanetary beings on that ship with different gifts that they could share and thus work as a team in their explorations of outer space…

    Going on about this because I am getting it clearly today…Share our gifts and work together..
    We are tribal beings, sociable beings, and now the connection with the space chums and the invisible is real. I mean its real for me.. Consider this, Aquarius is air and communication
    we are living in the Aquarian Age for a thousand years. The Air communication has just begum
    cell phones, computers, even opening your car door or starting it without being there …DRONES
    some awesome things are being born…As we are all being re born and re connected in a deeper way in this Aquarian AGE.

  8. Yusetty

    I am a libra also born on SEPTEMBER 30th. I have the gift of dreams. I dream everyday multiple times a night. Mostly when I dream of people ive met or people close to me the dreams do come true i dont know when or how but they just happen to come to life. My friends know when I tell them I’ve dreamt of something they know its going to happen. I also have a sixth sense you can say. Im very sensitive to energy, i know what people think, what they want before they say it, im verify empathic lets just say.

  9. Lynn

    I am a Libran through & through…Composed, resilient,adaptive, strong!
    Have the gift of very strong intuition that saved me & our family from many
    dangers…My dreams serve as “warnings” & i follow them. I could sense
    people well. A seemingly “3rd eye” opened at age 40, refused to enhance it.
    It can just be useful to my daily routine. I see danger from visual flashes.
    Thanks God for this wonderful gift….

  10. frank

    i was born 09/29/1968
    Im not to sure bout stuff like this.But it seems like alot of times, I seem to know what people are up to & what thay are doing. my question is im tired of fighting this feeling,knowing.
    how do i imbrace this or tune it up.
    thx frank

  11. vanessa

    I am a LIBRA. Born 10-07, I have a feeling change is coming. Its quite weird, i feel kind of exhausted, i know things have to change though. I was with a guy that helped me to every whim, and let himself dwindle. i feel i have to leave, im not in that relationship completely anymore, i feel i should take care of him as he did for me. my mind will not stay on a certain conclusion for long, it changes with intellect. Im stuck, their are so many views to this situation. can someone wise, lend some advice?

  12. Theresa

    I have learned to trust my intuitions, more so ever as grow older! I always have been a person who will defend “what right is right” & have fought for all who needed my assistance, they all have received the justice they sought! Just wish I could do the same for myself, I usually just move on. Happy Birthday Libras. On the 25th of Sept. I will reach the mile stone of 50…..Kind of Scary!

  13. aj

    I walked into my friends room the other night where he lives and opened the shade-a shade I saw in a vision/dream 4.5 yrs. ago…..The shade looked that night just as it did in the vision-dream. Usually I’d see the shade and think of the dream….but it never quite fit the same description from the dream. Monday it did, and then I sat on the bed-below it-that was in the dream too…..the bed sagged horridly…..and then I knew…..that what I had seen in the vision was the end of the vision-the shade 4.5 yrs older….and I knew immediately that his stay in that place was over………….that he was leaving there soon…and that something loomed that was almost as if a death……I left his house and went home with an odd uneasy feeling……less than 25 minutes from leaving he called me-out of breath-an ambulance was called and he has been hospitalized since….he has a life threatning condition that cud kill him if he doesnt take his med and take better care-and it could kill him anyway……What I saw on Monday night as I looked at the changed shade-there is simply one main spot-a damaged blind strip that was different but just as it was in the vision or close…..and sat on a bed that sagged-horridly-that I hadnt sat on in almost a year (its a long story) it is sad…..I KNEW INSTANTLY things were going to change-that he was leaving that place…..almost a death of some kind-“it was like instantly knowing-a feeling that his situation was about to change. That what was-will no longer ever be for him again-“the death of a situation-that desperately needs to change….” I have never felt this type of knowing this fast-I had a similar one yrs ago-and they were the same in this aspect-what I was seeing was the end of the story-in the vision-yet I didnt know it at the time-but this time-when I walked in the room-I knew instantly…….and then he went to hospital……I wondered was something suppose to happen that didnt…….it feels like-literally-he was given more time… this weird? What does one call this….? I experience this stuff all the time….in varying degrees….

  14. phoenix

    born sept 25..when i was a child i hear and see different entities that normal person im 33 and still have this gift..friends find me weird and creepy sometimes when i describe them what i see and feel for a particular place..i have encountered a lot of situation where i was able to witness unexplainable events..i know when somthing bad is going to happen and see a persons motives..i may say i have a great amount of instinct and six sense..

  15. msbell

    TY!! now it makes sense to me why i move and think the way i do. ill be 24 this year and have always seen aura and had a 6th sense about others feeling and emotions. see other’s auras and can’t stand confrontation and deffiently just walk away from the situation. thank you for this wonderful insite

  16. Ola

    Whoa,this is so true and thanks for this blog”am a libra guy and I always think there is something special about me but can’t work it out,married for over 10 years to a gemini,born on 29/09.I do suffer a lot growing up.dose this change ones outlook in life??

  17. Leigha

    I have always felt extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions and have always had a sort of sixth sense about things. I have dreams that I know are different and stand out and they usually come true. I also see auras and have since I can remember. I do not know what any of this means and would like some deeper insight in to this. I am born October 1st.

  18. happymychele

    This gave me some insight into myself..I have always been sensitive ti energy, auras and emotions. Sometimes it seems to effect me negatively but I am learning how to deal with that and recognize that it dosen’t have to. Happy Birthday Libras! September 28th is my day.

  19. Gail

    I am 78 on Sept 30 this year. This gift we have of our feelings and knowing when something will happen always has amazed me. As for my loved one. It was a journey to find him, but when I saw him, he is a Scorpio, it was instant. We have been together as one for 45 years. Like I said, it was a journey. My Mother is 102 but she was born in Dec. I’m like her. Still active, energized, and feel much younger. Have suffered and cheated death many times. Who says there are no heavenly angels with us always.

  20. Monte Norton

    Born september, 27, 1961

    As far back as i remember this resonates with me, it was always hard to live with and not seem EGO oriented, its a beautiful thing to sttumble upon this as it explains a few things i always felt..thank you..!!!!

  21. lisa

    i am of the 24th of Sept and have scorpio rising moon in virgo.. as “compelling” as I may seem good men are so far and few between that my inner and outer beauty are being wasted because there are no men to appreciate me. i will not just go for any dog and it seems that is what is mostly out there now the dearth is affecting so many other ladies its pathetic

  22. Maria A. Molina

    Marielita Since I was a child, I remember I always new things were going to happen, so for me It was normal, but now I can feel what people think, It is nice, but, sometimes it is not.

  23. jesus

    this message is for THERESA dear TERESITA from now on you authorised yourself to be the most and never never again feel less than the most and the best you are a diamond 09/27/45 jesus

  24. theresa

    Thank you so much for making me feel special we’ll here of lately I. Felt. like a nobody you know what I
    mean you know like way low. You have started my day feeling great so thank you one more time Thanks. And you have a great life.

    We’ll now I know I’am somebody, So thanks again.

  25. Kenneth

    Born 9/24/61 I always felt I was special as a child, unfortunately “special” as a child meant different bad. However,
    my mother ensured that the ugliness of other children didn’t affect any more than it need be. I always had a ease with others, and pets and wild animals always were drawn to me. I began drawing and painting as a child, and piano at age 11 at my request, and singing and eventually voice in college which led to the discovery of my songwriting abilities and to my certificate in recording engineer and the release of my new album ZINK A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER on iTunes . If you listen I believe you will hear part of the gifts God gave me that make me special, and that I thank for day after day.

  26. Connie Gettings

    Ive always known there is something special about myself Sept 27.I can feel everyones emotions & I know exacatly who u r as a person at first meeting u.I also have more gifts HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRAS

  27. Don

    I know exactly what you all mean, just this afternoon one of my nephews who is twenty eight said
    You look really good for your age uncle Don. 28th Sept.

  28. sarah

    My daughter was born on Sept 29. She is indeed like this. I didn’t even pick her name. An angelic entity told me her name and gender when she was a few months in my belly. I was sitting in the bath contemplating an abortion when I got this message. I’m not even religious in any way and I’m still pro-choice, but that’s what happened. then she was born the feast day of the Arch Angel Michael (so my mother told me) My daughter is an extremely interesting and psychically sensitive person. That psychic test with guessing shapes on cards, she gets over 50% correct every time!

  29. Beatrice

    I now can understand why so many people tell me that I do stand out in the crowd – I do not feel that special, but I do have some abilities which I feel are very special and even extraordinary. One of them is ability of healing. I was born on 24.September.
    Happy birthday to all Librans.

  30. Marisa Fadavi

    Yes, that certainly sounds like me! My birthday is September 29th. We don’t seem to age as quickly as other people. Any other “magical Libras” notice this?

  31. Sylvia

    🙂 Thank you very much – My birthday is on the 29th and I needed a lift this morning. This article has given me just that. Thank you


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