Tarot Astrology: Capricorn and the Devil

For many people, even the thought of the Devil card sends a chill down their spine. I believe this sort of thinking is nonsense… In the Tarot, the Devil is one of the trumps or major cards, and all of the trumps are assigned the qualities of either an astrological sign, a planet or one of the classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. This doesn’t mean you have to be an astrologer to understand or gain knowledge from the cards, but it does mean that when considering a card, one should also consider the qualities of the symbol attached to it as well as any associated symbol.

The Devil is the card of Capricorn, the Sea Goat, and to understand the Devil card we must look at the qualities and associations of the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and time; which in the Tarot is represented by the Universe or World card. This adds a level of discipline to sea-goats that, if encouraged, can bring great riches in whatever endeavor the Capricorn takes. The planet Saturn grants Capricorns an appreciation of limitation and an inherent understanding of using limitations to empower their life. Also, the planet Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning that it expresses its most beneficial qualities. The card of Mars is the Tower. We must take all of these qualities into consideration when we consider the symbolism of the Devil card. In this manner, we start to see the patterns and deeper wisdom held within the Tarot.

Capricorns are adept in dealing with stereotypically worldly things. Capricorns are known to have a special relationship with money, often gaining it later in life or as an inheritance. Capricorns are most interested in things that have an enduring quality—old things—and this can lead to a fear of change and an overly conservative outlook on life if taken to its extreme. We must remember that balance is the key in dealing with these things. All of these qualities are considered implicit within the sign of Capricorn. We also see in Capricorns the quality of the Devil as adversary and judge. We often see Capricorns “Playing the devil’s advocate,” and if amplified by environmental factors, this quality can lead to a manipulative superiority. In addition to these, the Devil card typifies all the sins of the flesh. The flesh has its own brand of wisdom, but it is also one of the most taboo subjects we face as a global civilization.

The Devil is about the temptations and rewards of the rock and roll lifestyle—money, sex, drugs and alcohol, dancing and singing, even practical jokes. The Devil card is also all about our shadow; the area within us that is our own internal psychic darkness.

At this point, most of us have already decided that this Devil card is a shady fellow; but then we remember that in the course of history, the divinity of one civilization becomes the devil of another when that civilization is conquered. In these modern times, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that the way most people think of the Devil is actually a carryover from the Greek god Pan, we see the Devil in a deeper light. We see that the Devil points at forgotten wisdom; it points to deep things. The Devil card typifies the virtues of the power of youth, of rebellion. We realize that if we allowed these Devilish qualities within us free reign, they would surely destroy us. If we completely deny them, we lead a dry life. We must deal with them prudently, and in a balanced fashion. If we do that, then we see the joy and wisdom and ecstasy that they can bring to our life.

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16 thoughts on “Tarot Astrology: Capricorn and the Devil

  1. Jose

    I appreciate the article and its ability fo understand the meaning behind the card and not its secular symbolism.
    Thank you

  2. Jose

    I was made aware of my “Capriconess” since my early young years. The concept of the devil representing the constant contrast of what I want and don’t want. The inherent steadfastness at times with self deprivation is amazing. Having read about this card helps to accept the changes that continue to come to my expereince throughout my life. It helps to understand the constant search for constancy, yet the ambition tends to supercede most things…Relationships can be filled with the same contrast of what is wanted and not wanted. To make the choice. I appreciate your understanding of the devil card very much.

  3. christine

    cindy.. Hi i am capricorn jan 16..and of course my things are my things and in so are different then yours..but basically..the same feelings you get types of visions you get..etc..are soooo very close to mine..the types of things that are felt seen sensed deeply..even if try to shake things off and ignore..which i find makes it all the more nagging..will not let me ignore..

  4. Cindy Rodriguez

    RI always felt I have had MANY past lives, I feel it in my soul that I am centuries old. And being a strong Jan. 3rd Capricorn my intuition has always showed me a far away future of great power and wealth and a loyal partner who will continue to re-join me again over through many lifetimes ahead. I see many of my dreams as premonitions that come to me without any prior thought or knowledge, and see these visions happen in full detail when revealed to me fully awake and aware. Are capricorns such as my self, known to have lived many lives while keeping wisdom inherited from previous lifetimes, and/or memories? I believe that I know things I wasn’t taught in this lifetime, and have been proven to be correct over and over.
    I have been able to “” Could this mean my intuitions are strong


    I am a loveable Libra who is madly in love with a Capricorn. My boyfriend is a perfect match for everything that I have read about Capricorns. Even though the odds are against us as a compatible love match, I am willing to accept all he has to bring to the table. I can change my ways to fit into this wonderful life that he strives to provide for the both of us. I am going to make sure that this relationship defies all odds.

  6. jackie

    I once was shaken to the core to find that my tarot card is the Devil! I am a Capricorn, who with research found that the Devil card meant, to me, to find your inner passion. And the Tower card meant change – the ending of one thing, whether it be career, home, family, friend, etc., only to open another door in your life. And to have change in my life is good for me, because I abhor routine!

  7. Raj


    Excellent article, very informative and convincing. I always wondered about the Devil cars in Tarot and like most, I associated it with something negative. Reading your article help clear many doubts.

    I look forward to many more informative articles such as this, from you.

    Good wishes for 2011.

    – Raj

  8. rhac

    thanks mika
    i also enjoyed your article on queen of wands.

    i have heard of the devil card being associated with fate – would you agree?

  9. Nayanika Romanyuk

    Terrific wonderful account!!!
    Loved reading every bit of the information and know that playing the devils advocate , apart, we do know and realize the importance and pride of the devil in all matters life.
    Prudence is the Key.
    When we bring in the balance , and use it with a perfection of a gymnast, we will surely have the zest and the zing in life

    Thank you for posting this.
    A very happy 2011

    Love and light

  10. california63

    Terrific post. The Devil (card) used to scare me quite a lot. But learning more about the Shadow and the necessity or reality of polarity, I have come to understand that if we make friends with whatever it is we fear the most, the intensity and extremity of those darkest fears can be softened and integrated in an enriching way.

    Thank you Mika.:)


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